JLF Mounting screws?

what type of screws are used for mounting a JLF on TE… ive been searching and i cant find it…

Pretty sure they’re M3-0.5

Question is unclear.

There are M3 .5mm screws to affix the metal rectangle mounting plate to the black plastic base of the JLF Joystick.

Then there are M4 .5mm screws to affix the JLF’s metal rectangle mounting plate to the bottom of the TE’s metal panel mounting plate bracket.

do u know where i can buy some?


We get this question all the time…

This, along with the faceplate screws specs, should have been put into the Most Frequently Asked Questions thread along with the solutions for which mounting plates in non-universal joystick plates and thick faceplate set-ups.

This gets asked enough and enough people lose these screws or get sold empty cases WITHOUT the screws that it should be in the Newbie thread.

Not that 85% of the Newbies are going to look there…!

Any hardware store?