Jlf-p-4 ?

I generally hate to do this, but I’ve tried doing a search on the JLF-P-4 on the tech forums and the only reference was about lubing it =/

Does anyone know where I can get a JLF-P-4 ?

Its # 3 on the picture and its essentially the pivot cylinder for the joystick.

LL doesnt seem to sell them, they have one for the Happ stick but none for the Sanwa’s and Seimitsu.

Modchipman doesnt seem to carry them either and Akihabara’s shop is currently closed.

Would anyone know any other place that sells the JLF P 4?

Im a wee hesitant trying the sell forums as I rather buy from a retailer (online or off)

I’ll try asking Neo Geo if he carries them at akihabara

aki does carry them. their in the drop down menu next to the sticks

Sweet thanks, couldnt verify at this time since the cart was closed. Guess i’ll grab some springs there too.

Thanks for the quick reply