Jlf pivot mated to an ls56 bottom?


first has anyone ever done this? I think the jlf has the best pivot on the planet, it’s the throw and engage I don’t like. I love the ls56 with octo but the pivot does grind slightly.I took them both apart it looks like I can hack the plastic on the jlf and then mate the ls56 bottom to it, and replace the stuff that slides onto the shaft. The only problem I see is shaft diameter or length being off. Anyone have any input.


I’ve done something similar with two other types of sticks and it works a treat; best of both worlds!

From what you describe, it would probably be better/ easier to use a modded/ custom JLF actuator and its octagonal gate (if you don’t mind a smaller throw).

E.g. if you make the tip of the actuator ‘fatter’, the movement around the gate will feel more ‘circular’ and less ‘octagonal’; adjacent inputs along the octagonal gate will be smoother and less jarring compared to stock…

And the best pivot on the planet is a Myoungshin Fanta, with light rubber for centering! It has very little friction, with a circular ‘gate’…


I think the best thing to do would be either TheRealNeoGeo’s Ultimate JLF mod or, if you mounting bracket/control panel setup allows it, you can try an LS-33 with spring mod and an octagonal gate.


I have done all of the above already, except that fanta stick. That’s why I want to try what I proposed. So it sounds like am original idea let’s see if I can pull it off.


Have tried what I suggested but used short-levered microswitches instead?

I have one that uses modded, short-levered Omron microswitches (with shorter plungers) and it gives an even smoother circular ‘feel’; the metallic blades ‘cup’ the actuator as you rotate the stick… It’s more “Ultimate” than TheRealNeoGeos Ultimate JLF Mod! :stuck_out_tongue:



I tried to upload the mod to Joystickvault; but it seems to be giving me some problems. Anyway, here is what I’m referring to. The LS-56 uses levered microswitches; like my JLF mod above (shown without the gate attached).

It uses standard Omron microswitches with short-levers. However, the red plungers of those microswitches are replaced with black plungers from Matsushita microswitches (found in Seimitsu sticks).

These black plungers when placed into the Omron switches, depress the switch mechanism slightly further, for an earlier engage; because they are slightly longer internally. And externally, they mount slightly shorter; but including the thickness of the levers, they more than make up the difference.

The overall result is a shorter engage and smoother circular motion. You can also make the tip of the actuator fatter for a smaller throw. E.g using electrical tape or whatever method that suits you…

BTW, if the levers are too long, they’ll interfere with earlier (un)desirable, diagonal inputs. I used common short-levered ones; and not the levers from the LS-56…

This is a very quick and easy mod…


The actual above pic is from an ASCII JLF clone (chassis, shorter shaft), with JLF components. I have another actual JLF, that’s modded exactly the same but with a square gate…


I didn’t use the ASCII actuator because it was sightly thinner than the Sanwa actuator…


well I tried this and NO it doesn’t work. The problem is the shaft diameter. I cut all the excess plastic from the jlf pivot and the ls56 base does line up almost stratit with the holes I planned on using. I would need larger diameter screws though. But the nail in the coffin is that the ls56 shaft is too skinny, so tried using the jlf shaft & that doesn’t work due to the plastic piece that goes on top the spring is bell shaped. I tried cutting the bell part off but no dice. Just a sloppy crooked stick. Basically I need a custom shaft milled if I want this to work. All in all it’s not worth it& all I lost was 1 jlf.


does anyone know of a seimitsu shaft that has the same duameter and length as the jlf shaft?


The microswitch mod is soooo much easier!

You seem obsessed with this gate! I’d say the ‘best’ gate is the ‘circular’ type found in the Fanta. It feels circular but has very weak corners you can detect: Advantages of both ‘square’ and ‘circular’ without the ‘jarring’ from octagonal gates… Got a modded LS-32 with a type like that and, IIRC, Happ Competitions have that type too…


not really obsessed. Out of all the sticks I’ve tried which is everything but fanta. I like the ls-56 with the octo gate, but the smoothness of the jlf is so awesome I wanted to see if I could mate the 2 and get the best of both worlds. It was simply an experiment and it failed. So I’ll stick with the ls56. Thanks to everyone here.