JLF round restrictor

Got bored today and decided to mod a JLF 2-way restrictor into a 8-way round restrictor.

I found a THREAD where the possibility that a round restrictor works correctly on the JLF is strongly denied but that is not true and actually the simple fact that an octagonal restrictor does exist and that an octagon can be inscribed in a circle would be enough to disprove such a nonsensical view. Anyway, the diagonals work fine. Of course they’re not as easy to pull off as with the square restrictor but the same can be said of any round restrictor.

Tools used for the mod: circle template, compass, sand paper wrapped around various size plastic tubes/marker pens. No dremel or other power tools.


Very nice.

Thats cool how does it feel???

You do so many cool things.

wow, great work.

that is super cool

Good shit. How’s it handle?

It feels pretty good to me. Currently the hole diameter is 18mm. Perhaps it could be widened another millimeter to make more room for the diagonals (the link in the 1st post says the octagonal gate is 19.5mm). Also, I think I’m going to add levers to the microswitches: hopefully that will make the engage shorter (it’s the same as putting tape around the actuator in Per’s ultimate mod) and diagonals easier (sticks for which a round restrictor is available (JLW, LS-32) have levered microswitches). I already tried with levers from the LS-32 but they don’t work, not only because they’re too long (which can be sorted) but also because they don’t fit the JLF microswitches, which is understandable as they’re different brands (JLF = Omron, Seimitsu = Panasonic). Omron makes microswitches with three different levers (short, standard, long) so I’m trying with the short ones.

MKL you measured rage of diagonals?

Please tell me these are still being made. I’m also working on something maybe they could be combined check it out.


It’s a square actuator for the JLF but it still feels like it’s missing something, maybe the round gate??? I’d love to see how they work together any chance I could get you to send me one $$$ :smiley:

Why not just make one? 2 way gate + 60grit Sandpaper then smooth it down with 150 - 220

Already on it lol I was just getting ahead of myself I guess. I might have a few of these made up if I can get all the measurements correct. Right now I’m making a proof of concept just to see how it feels but I already think I’m gonna like it but the exact hole size is crucial to it’s success.

I bought two from here

same, I bought two of 'em

That’s awesome! Wish I had that kind of skill.