JLF+San/meshbal/PS3/br movies/zune


Selling a JLF (no shaft cover or harness) and 6 white / 2 grey snap in sanwa buttons.

$33 shipped

Meshballs: $15 shipped

Dark Hai
Dark Blue

** Blue 8gb 3rd gen zune**: $80 shipped

PS3 Games:
Resident Evil 5: $28 shipped
Soul Calibur 4: $ 16 shipped
BlazBlue $35 shipped

Blu Ray movies:

Oceans 11sealed $13 shipped
Oceans 12sealed $13 shipped

$200 Kohl’s Department Store Gift Card:$150…can either ship it to you or give you the code for online use.

pm me if interested. US buyers only. Paypal only.



price drop++


do you ship to cana…oh, never mind.


pm sent!


added some items




added gift card


Are these the original run of mesh balls or reissues?


from the last run that Per had.



I probably would’ve picked up the dark hai mesh ball, too. i don’t think you had the balltops listed when I was asked about the sanwa jlf/buttons (i couldn’t just been blind, though)


does the jlf come with a balltop?


free bump. i wish you sold that kohls gift card about a month ago. they had a 10 off 20 coupon i spammed and i probably spent about 200 dollars worth of clothes there :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


PM sent


PM sent, and I don’t need a mesh ball just forgot to edit that out. :china: