JLF Sanswa with 360 controller

Hey I’m new to building controllers (and SRK in general, hi). I am building a controller with a friend and I intend on ordering parts, however based on my research I noticed that the JLF uses a 5 pin connector compared to other joysticks I’ve seen (and excuse my terminology) four microswitches on a controller connected to the small bead like ends on the dpad’s pcb. How do you connect a JLF to the d-pad is basically my question.

Also, when making a controller is there any recommended type of insulated wire to use and of course soldering heat?

I’m a noob and I know many of these questions I can find via search but the thread I did find about the JLF was a bit too confusing for me.

EDIT: another question, how would I get the microphone socket to work?


It’s 4 wires for up, down, left, right and the fifth is the ground.

Check out this site. Everything you need is here.


Don’t rush.

For microphone, the easy way is to use an extension cable.

Where would I hook up the ground on a wired d-pad?


Figure out which pad you have and check out the diagram. Like I said, everything you need to know is on that site.