JLF spring help

Hey guys my friend recently gave me his stick to mod and there is a problem with his JLF. I seems that the stick itself feels really stiff (DPs are hard as hell to do). He wants it to feel like an original stock Sanwa. When I opened the JLF it turns out there was only one spring so I’m assuming its faulty. Is there a certain spring I’m supposed to get because I’m about to head out to Home Depot to get that assorted spring pack? This is my first time modding the actual JLF so please help a newb out. Thank you in advance

Well to not overcomplicate things, you would want to just buy the intended spring for a JLF (which is specially made if I am not incorrect). At a website like Lizardlick (at the time of writing it seems they are out of stock though). Although buying just a spring would seem truly be awkward, no?

You could try compressing the spring under something heavy for a day or so as a stretched spring will have more resistance.

Thanks, any idea when they’ll be back in stock?

You can ask Chad on his thread?http://shoryuken.com/f177/greetings-lizard-lick-amusements-130032/ He has really great customer service. I’m sure you could ask him for a first class envelope with the spring instead of getting a priority mail box and having to pay $5 shipping for it.

And there’s other springs that can be mixed and matched with the JLF, in case you wanted to order a variety pack. Joystick Controller - Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts Mix and match until he has feel that he likes.

But, the best way to really have the Sanwa feel is just getting a JLF spring. It is a very easy replacement. If you take it apart enough, you’ll eventually find where the spring should go. You could try it now, then compress the current spring, then put back in and see if you want to get a replacement.

I got tired of messing with mixing different spring types or doing the Home Depot thing. It just made the joysticks too tight or inconsistent at best.

I just stick to brand name springs and put in two springs of the same kind if it works. With all my JLFs, I ended up screwing two JLF springs together and putting them onto the shaft before resealing the whole joystick. Mad Catz JLF clone springs and Hori springs from T5’s work with JLF springs because they’re basically the same spring, too.

The stock JLF is just way too loose, IMHO. Having two JLF springs on it makes it a bit stiffer but not so much that it becomes ultra-hard to move the joystick. JLF’s work well with 3-D fighters but not so much with 2-D fighters IMHO. The throw is crazy and I’ve never been consistent with dash-motions on them. It’s easier to do dashes with an LS-40-01.

Honestly, I’m beginning to move away from JLF in most of my joysticks and am probably only going to leave it in one stick that I routinely use. Other collector’s joysticks are going to stay boxed with their OEM JLFs. Everything else is going Seimitsu LS-32-01 or LS-40-01 when I can afford it. It’s not the springs in those sticks that I like better (LS-32 and -40 springs are identical); the levered-microswitches in the PCBs make them feel a bit less loose and it’s much easier to use the stock square gate with them. I had to change the square gate to an alternate in the JLF because I was just not able to use it consistently with the joystick.

That my friend is why I have an LS-56 with a super stiff spring(and octo gate), this bad boy is so tight it hurts after 40 minutes. But those 40 minutes are HAPP-like bliss.