JLF Stiffness


I bought the JLF from gamingnow.net assuming its the JLF-TP-8YT-SK for my SE Stick… If it’s not i’m going to have to refund it =(. I was wondering if the JLF-TP-8YT-SK stick was as stiff as like a Happ P360 or a hard spring competition stick. Because i play on a perfect 360 because i like how stiff the stick is. Or is the JLF as stiff as a normal medium spring competition stick?

On my MAS stick i use on SFIV i can do DP -> FADC -> Ultra about 10/10 times
and then on my SE stick (not modded yet) i cant do it at all maybe 1/10 times =(

I think it’s how loose the stick is on my part or it might be because it’s a square box and not octagonal (I don’t think that’s the reason though.)


The jlf generally comes loose. There’s a trick to make it stiffer though. You can take out the spring and stretch it little by little until you get your desired stiffness.


so im assuming the stick is gonna be as loose as the SE stick i already have? Can you explain the spring stretching stiffness a little bit more? That sounds really interesting thanx!


I have an SE with a working stock stick still sitting in it next to a HRAP3, which comes standard with JLF. The stock SE stick is significantly stiffer than the real deal. I have never heard of the mod where you stretch out the JLF spring to make it stiffer (which is not to say it won’t work). What I have heard people doing is modding the JLF by having two springs in it, the regular Sanwa spring and the SE spring. If I were you, I’d go down this route so that you can have three levels of stifness (i.e, just the JLF spring (loose), just the SE spring (stiffer), both springs (stiffest)) to play with.


where can i get a SE spring? or do i have to wait till lizard licks? i was hoping it would come with the stick. So the spring in my standard SE is stiffer then the JLF =( wow.


No stretching or adding springs will get you anywhere close to the stiffness I a P360 or even a comp. The jlf is designed to be used with just your fingers & a little wrist. While the p360 takes your whole arm to operate. If you don’t like the SE you won’t like a JLF. The only difference is the JLF will last much longer & feels better once it’s broke in.


If you want a stiffer spring, go to home depot, remove the stock spring you have and comapre the sizes, when you get the right size, then cut away and do testing for the stiffness you like, simple.


im hoping this video helps for a stiffer stick… has anyone actually took the time to tape the actuator?



When you get your JLF, you will take out the SE stick. If you want to get the spring, you can remove the C clip and the actuator. The spring is inside there. Then you remove the actuator on the JLF to get access to the area where you mod for extra stiffness by adding spings.


Very nice thank you! I will definitely take the spring out of that crap stick haha.


all you need to know info.