JLF to LS-56 comparison

So after reading a couple threads, I’ve heard some pretty nice things about how the LS-56 is the God of all octo gate sticks. This seems like the major verdict anyway.

So here’s my question. I’ve been learning how to use a stick on my TE for about 2 months now. I’ve been using an octo gate. Exactly how does the LS-56 feel in comparison to the JLF? What exactly makes it so much better supposedly?

I didn’t like the ls-56 compared to the JLF, the octogate on the 56 is pretty notchy compared to how smooth the JLF is. Also the the throw on it is very very short, and the spring is slightly stiffer.

Some people will favor the feel and throw of the 56 over the JLF though. With the JLF you are doing a lot more movement though, if you just started with a stick learning on the JLF, you hand might not be precise enough to find the 56 advantageous.

Just buy one and sell it to me if you don’t like it!

With the LS-56, there octagon is smaller so the angle till it hits the gate is smaller. So in short it has a smaller throw or total maximum movement distance. You can make smaller movements on it compared with the JLF. Also it has a slightly tougher-tighter spring, so less accidental engages.

Jiggly, dude, you moved on to stick playing huh?

LS-56 Octo Gate have VERY short throw, I would say half of the Sanwa Octo, or at the very least it feels like half. I know DGV uses one in his TE stick, I borrowed it once at NCR. Totally threw me off on how short the throw was, but I can see the benefits especially for a game like HDR.

I think an LS-56 is worth looking into for 360 throws and more difficult circular movements overall, especially in ST & HDR.

Well, I don’t have any problem sticking with the JLF, and I was extremely used to a Happ stick before I bought this TE. I think I’ll give it a shot. Considering I main Hawk in HDR, I could probably use that stick.

Do you guys think the LS-56-01 would be good for Tekken? The idea being that the short throw would be good for tapping motions which are used quite a bit in Tekken.

Is there a scale diagram that compares the throw distances between the sticks?

I recently got a LS-56 for my Norris Arcade stick and I love it. I didn’t try it with the stock square gate. An octogate was put in there right away. The throw is smaller, the spring is tighter, and the switches are “clickier” (they have more resistance than the JLF switches). I think that this gives the stick a tighter, more responsive feel overall. I can ride the gate and feel the “corners” while not getting too far away from the neutral position. I have found that the Ls-56 has helped my game. Like any of this stuff though, it is all preference.

I had an octo-56, but have since gone back to square because I could NOT triangle-jump on octo-gate with Rufus, or at least not fast enough.
Probably cos I ride the gate, hard. I might go back & give it a shot in my secondary stick again, though.

Yes, and no for me. I played with an LS-56 with a square gate for Tekken 6 for about a month. It made certain things easier like dash canceling and stuff, but made a lot of other things difficult to perform like motions and wave dashing ((not that I can wave dash that well in the first place, but using the LS-56 made if more difficult.))

My friend though said he loved it for Tekken, so play styles come into play. You should give it try anyways see how you like it, if you hate, sell the stick.

I am seriously considering it. Don’t know if I want to stick with a square gate or try an octo.

There’s this:


I’m using the standard swana (octogate) that comes with the TE. I was thinking of doing that ultimate mod and had some questions but it looks like I just might try out the LS-56

Which plate should I be using to install a LS-56-01 on both my TE and SE? Is it the deafult mounting plate?

I’ve been using a LS-56-01 on my HRAP for a while and now I can no longer get used with the JLF…

MS plate for installing LS-56-01. The default for LS-56 series is vf plate.

Thank you very much rtdzign!!

There really is no comparison. They are different feels and the jlf octo gate is lacking if you ask me, compared to the ls-56. The ls-56 has a much tighter feel so you can whip those 720’s like no tomorrow.

My only gripe is sometimes the ls56 can be hard to find your corners if your trying something like a juice kick, but for shotos in general its much easier to DP on reaction from crouch …Me and DGV had a convo about this awhile back at a rambat. He also uses the ls-56