Jlf tp8y and se stick


I have recently found a Sanwa jlf tp8y for sale, which is great since my SE stick is poop. I need help with a couple of things tho before I buy it if anyone can help.

What is a wiring harness and do i need it? Will I be able to just place this stick (with a new mounting plate) into my SE case and plug it in… or what else do i need?

I have opened up my SE in the past to fix it and noticed the plug in which I connect the stick to the rest of it… is this plug what is referred to as the wiring harness?

Also just in general should I buy this particular part? Is it the right one?


you do not need the wiring harness, the plug is the wiring harness. it is the right one. all you gotta do is open the case and replace it.


amazing, thanks for the straightforward response. i know this question has likely been asked before on the site, so i appreciate no malarky in response


Wait… what just happened here?
Oh well, not to worry; in a few years he’ll be bitter and sarcastic just like everyone else. :wink:


Don’t interpret this as bitterness or anything but:


That is an ENTIRE THREAD with pictures that shows you how to mod your SE stick w/ a JLF. There is no need for another thread whose only purpose is to push that one even further into the depths of SRK.

There’s also a video on YouTube that shows you how to do it. I found it with minimal searching. You’re going to want to watch it because it shows you how to change the orientation of the PCB on the stick to match the SE.


While you’re replacing the SE stick to a Sanwa JLF, you might as well replace the buttons to Sanwa OBSF snap ins, then you’d have a setup that is just like the TE except for the case.


I concur, buttons on SE stick are horrible - whilst replacing mine with Sanwas, several pins broke off the stock buttons when I was removing the QD’s