Jlf vs Madcatz SE stick

I haven’t used the stock Madcatz stick from the SE at all yet ( replaced it with a jlf as soon as I got it) But I’ve been wondering, What makes the joystick so bad? I know the metal washer was a problem, I fixed that before it could arise. I just don’t understand how a metal bar + omron switches is worse than another metal bar with omron microswitches. Could it possibly be the spring both companies use?

They are not Omron microswitches. Look closer. The brand is called “QMSRON”. Now, if you’re talking about the TvC stick or the new WWE SE, those are actually quite good, and do use Omron switches, and giving them a JLF spring will make them feel very close to an actual JLF.

Lol. I didn’t even realize that. Now it makes much more sense.

I laughed out loud when I opened my first SE up & saw that.

QMRON switches :bgrin:

But yeah, the SE stick has bad microswitches, that faulty washer, and probably isn’t moulded as precisely as a JLF (that last one’s a guess).