JLF w/ GT-Y issues

After modding my JLF with GT-Y restrictor plate (which I love btw), the joystick no longer passes my “fling test”.

If I hold a direction and release the joystick, it will trip the opposite microswitch as it snaps back to neutral. (So for example, hold left, let go, and right is triggered).

Is this just a “my spring suddenly is too loose” coincidence, or do I need a stiffer spring for a GT-Y?

Thanks for any help on this :slight_smile:

search button next time but I will answer your question.

The truth is that the GT-Y sucks. It ruins the dynamics of the stick. The best thing to do is put the square gate back on and get used to doing circular motions on it. If you still insist on using the GT-Y, then mod the spring. Per from AkihabaraShop has some nice tutorials on youtube.

^^Pretty much, everybody that I know usually end up switching back to the square gate

I could never achieve the “fling” movement on any Japanese stick, but on an american stick it works 100% of the time, I use it to make Bison and other charge characters combo into lv.3 supers :slight_smile:

GT-Y is great for a few specific applications, mostly Shmups and non fighters where holding a stick in one direction for a very long time is required(>2 seconds), like the Gundam vs series.

But for fighters? Square gate.

i recently played on a sanwa modded with an octagonal gate. I later asked someone wether that was actually a sanwa. Didn’t like it at all.

Thanks for the responses guys.

It’s just my double QCF’s come out much more reliably with the octagon.

Looks like an LS33 spring mod is in my future.

I just got a GT-Y for my sanwa mod and I like it so far. I’ll have to try that ‘fling test’ though to see if mine does the same thing.

The GT-Y is great IF you modify the spring. I’ll do a proper LS-33 spring mod later but for now I simply stretched mine.

For 2D fighters I’d now take nothing else. Okay, maybe try to master the LS-32 later on but that one requires you to be good with a stick already in fighters, IMO.

I was experiencing a similar problem. I think using the octagonal gate has ultimately worn my stick out faster. But I prefer octagonal over square and refuse to switch back.

The LS-32 spring mod is quite interesting… I just might try that.

Seriously? That concerns me. Why would an octagonal cause the stick to wear out faster?

Hey guys, does the same thing go for the JLW-TM-8 and the GT-O restrictor plate?

I love the octagonal restrictor. I’d swear by it on a JLF. I like the square on the LS32 though because its not so “menacing” if that makes sense, it has a softer feel.

I tried the fling test last night and noticed the same thing.

I put my square gate back on and liked that the throw felt quite shorter. I think i’ll stick with a square for now and see how it goes, especially since everyone recommends it.

I’m not sure exactly why this is. Maybe because the stick is moving more and is hitting more corners than a square. But overall, more movement makes it wear out a little faster.

I know I said my stick feels a little worn but that’s because I’ve had it for quite some time so naturally, I’ll have to replace it. I’ve gotten used to it and like the way I play on it though.

how does it feel ‘worn’ though?

Like it could use a new spring and some grease.

I beliiiieve the octagonal restrictor, at the extremeties of its four compass points, lets the stick travel a little further outwards than does the normal square restrictor. I suppose this means the potential is then there for the microswitches to be depressed and the spring to be strained slightly more with every throw, so theoretically it could make the stick wear down faster.

It sounds sort of unlikely to me that it would make any sort of extreme difference, but who’s to say? Since the square is stock and the GT-Y was sort of a tacked-on afterthough, it’s possible (probable?) that the JLF joystick was never actually meant to be pushed further than that, and their tested and promised durability/longevity doesn’t extend (no pun intended :wgrin:) to this sort of use.

how long do sanwa JLF’s last anyways?

but square gates feel like crap, :wasted: now am a have to go change my gate back to square gate if i wanna play like everyone else :wasted:

the microswitches are guaranteed to last for at least 1,000,000 activations.