JLF Washer in stick

So done some research and also just got a new sanwa joystick, I was wondering would it hurt anything if i super glue down the washer inside the stick. I tried looking up if anyones done it but only found some youtube video of a guy doing it.

Im asking cause i don’t want it ruining my connectors if i can glue it down from moving.

Do not need to glue.
Leave it alone.

The Metal washer inside the stick? Do not glue that down, it is meant to be the way it is. No It will not hurt any electronics.
If you are talking about the Dust washer, also leave it alone that will get in the way if you glue it down.

ok just making sure, and yes I meant the washer in the stick not dust washer. Thx alot guys

The metal washer was only a problem in the JLF-like knockoff sticks in the early Street Fighter IV MadCatz Arcade Fightstick SE (not the Tournament Edition, as those use legit JLF sticks). The metal washer in the knockoff tended to travel outside of the notch in the plastic base, and the way the stick was designed, this would rub against the actuator PCB and either break the PCB itself or rub off the leads to the switches. The fix for the knockoff is to glue down the metal washer to keep it from traveling. From my experience with the real Sanwa JLF, it does not suffer from this problem, and as such I’m with jdm714 and Darksakul, and advising against gluing the metal washer down.