JLF Washer Issues

Hey TT, long time since I’ve posted in SRK. Hoping I can get some info on my JLF.

So I’m sure 99% of you are aware of the old Madcatz SE/TE washer issues that plagued/still plague the sticks (Where the metal washer under the stick would become loose, and move around during use, scratching the PCB). Well, I’ve been using various sticks over the last year now: TE’s, Qanba, etc. Anyways just about every stick I’ve used has had that extra “click” feel/sound when I am moving the Joystick (Nowhere near as severe as the old SE’s though). I’m curious----is that what the click is? Is it that damned washer issue?

It boggles my mind however because I must have replaced at least 4 or 5 JLFs in the last year between multiple cases, and they’ve ALL had that click. It doesn’t necessarily mess with my gameplay at all, aside from the mental note in the back of my mind that it’s clicking at all. I just want identify the issue, and if so, does that mean it’s scratching my PCB? =/ And really, over 4-5 sticks have had it this problem?!

If it helps, it’s a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK, the usual TE drop in replacement.

You sure it isn’t just the microswitches?

I’m 99.9999999999999% sure it isn’t (You can never REALLY be 100% sure…lol). I feel one more click than I should, but the real giveaway is the slight, extra resistance I feel during the extra click.

Well…now you’ve got me questioning it…lol. I decided to just roll the stick around and listen, and MAYBE----MAYBE it IS to do with the microswitches, and not the washer. I’m curious, d3v, do you actually know the instance I’m referring to, as you may be experiencing it, or have experienced it yourself???

I just don’t want to have my washer scratching the PCB if it is the old washer issue.

Just open the top of the stick and slowly move the joystick around while listening and watching the actuator.

Then you’ll know… and knowing is half the battle!

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to open up my Qanba for the billionth time ha ha. Oh well. Still, if anyone has some insight, I’m all ears for now.