JLF Wiring Harness?

So I’m nearly done with my first custom stick and its looking awesome so far, everything is working like a charm. However, I bought a JLF and a wiring harness for it, now I know where my signals are for up, down, left, right and where my common ground is on the 360 pad. However, I dont know which wire for my harness goes where. Here’s a pic of the harness for reference (sorry it’s dark, cell phone camera sucks.)


The wires coming out of it are (from top to bottom with the wires going to my right side): Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black. There’s also a set of numbers labeling each wire on the bottom of the harness as follows: 1.) Black, 2.) Green, 3.) Yellow, 4.) Orange, 5.) Red. I’m assuming, as with most electronics, Black is ground, but which of these is up/down/left/right D: i’ve found plenty guides on HOW to wire them, but not which wires are which.

Hope someone can help me out on this :slight_smile: Thanks guys.

noob question, does the JLF harness require soldering to install?

Yes it does unless you’re going to attach the wires to a terminal strip/block.

One end (the end pictured attached to the JLF joystick) clips on. the other is just five wires which have to be soldered to whatever sort of PCB you’re using, in this case, a 360 pcb. So yes, to use a wiring harness, you have to solder (I don’t think you’re going to get out of soldering while doing a stick.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone got an answer to my previous question about which wires are for what direction?

Will this help you?


:wgrin: Perfect, thanks a ton!

If your stick is going to be mounted exactly the way it is in your pic (meaning the 5 pin connector is facing towards your buttons and on the bottom right hand corner) then try this. Green=Left, Yellow=right, Orange=Down, Red=Up, black is ground

Found this in another thread.

Like many others I’m sure, I used a Seimitsu wiring harness because they’re generally cheaper and effectively the same as the JLF-H harness. The only thing is that the color scheme is different. Check out my chart below to help figure it out.