JLFs availible to People in the GTA


If anybody needs JLF and live near Mississuaga, you can head over to The Playdium Store on Ronson Drive. They have some in stock, in there store.


how much though



I should say they dont have the mounting plate. $30 canadian


On their website, it says that it’s $34 CAD. I remember that this was $24 CAD last week. Must have jacked up the price due to demand.

Does anyone know if this comes with the wiring harness?


looks like a bare stick…

i might swing by later to see



its the JLF no mounting plate or harness


SOLD out since last week…

couldnt u just use the Madcatz mounting plate and wiring harness?
and cannibalize it to work on the JLF??


i bought 2 sanwa sticks a few weeks ago from this store… @$24 CDN each

its a simple plug and play into the Madcatz SE fightstick chasis… no additional major parts need to be bought … however, you will need to buy 1/8" x 1/2" flat head screws (home depot has them) to attach the JLF stick assembly to the Madcatz mounting plate… the flathead screws that were originally there will slip right through the sanwa holes, although it is a very close size…

checking their website, they did markup the sticks… the buttons are still the same price though ($3 each)


they are all sold out until. i normally grab all my amusement parts from them. call them and ask for dave. he will tell you exactly the same thing as any other supplier in north america. no sanwa. only happ till may