JLF's with different feel?

Hi, i have 2 sticks with JLF’s in them: a HRAP2SA and a TE. I got them both brand new but the sticks both feel alittle different. While both are perfectly playable and responsive, the TE stick is definitely stiffer and feels less fluid than the HRAP2SA. Is it normal for 2 stock JLF’s to feel different?

I don’t have a third JLF to compare so i’m not sure which is the way it should feel. If i were to replace the stick in the TE with a new JLF, which one should i get? since there a few with slightly different model numbers.

Did you get the TE after you had the HRAP for a while already? If so you are going to have to play a while on the TE to “break it in”.

Also I’m not sure but I think the TE has a madcatz spring in it’s JLF dunno if that makes that much of a difference though.

I got both around the same time. Since then, i’ve gotten alot more use out of the TE and it still feels noticeably stiffer than the HRAP. If the spring is different then it would explain the difference. I haven’t tried any other TE other than my own so i’m not sure if others are like this.


Should be a Sanwa JLF spring…

They’re getting authentic Sanwa parts for the TE’s. Doesn’t make sense to change the springs!

On the other hand, the JLF spring might be generic, too. When I opened up my Agetec Dreamcast stick and took out the original joystick (replaced it with an LS-32-01), I noticed the spring was practically identical to the JLF spring. Ditto with the Hori T5 stock springs, too.

It seems to be a case of different batches of JLFs having springs that feel slightly different from each other. Personally, the JLF in my HRAP3 feels slightly stiffer then the one in my TE. I’ve also heard of variations between the JLF in the regular HRAP3 and the T6 HRAP3 as well.

Same here my TE JLF is stiffer than then my other JLF that I bought separately around the same time. I replaced the spring and pcb and the non-TE still feels stiffer. I just thought I was crazy.

However, I’ve also seen people requesting to buy TE JLFs because they say they’re looser?!

does that apply with pushbuttons too? for a sec i thought i was going crazy that my year old sanwas felt more springier than my friend’s month old TE

my TE spring was noticeably looser than my hrap3’s.

i switched them and in the process, the HRAP’s shot out, while the TE’s kind of sat there.

As dev said different batches might have different feels. Breaking a stick in is also pretty significant in the difference of feel.

I’m kinda liking my fresh TE “S” JLF rather than my R1 TE from March 2009 for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

different feel is only question lubricant (new or old, temperature) and dust /dirt on pivot
not a spring or PCB

always be sure to apply a healthy dosage on shin etsu grease every 6 months.

JLF from 2002 were the best.
Sanwa just does not make it like that anymore. :sad:

I believe it. I dismantled both JLFs with no pcb-swapped springs and TE ver. still felt slightly stiffer…but I like it.

what you got one. are there any noticeable differences

this ver is still available on RS2006
and easy to make alone micro Omron with normal terminal you find everywhere

all is the same
sometimes sanwa use microYamatace switch on this ver. not Omron V but microYamatace work identical for me (dynamic, sound) only little hard +5g