JLW spring in a JLF?

Hello again, I’m back with another question. A friend of mine who’s arcade stick I’m customizing doesn’t like the JLF I put in his stick, instead he prefers the stiffness of an IL stick. While I can’t fit a IL stick in there, I can fit a JLW in there (it’s a MadCatz SE stick). However, instead of spending $20 on another stick, would I be able to put a JLW spring in a JLF? It’s a bit longer, maybe if that’s an issue I can cut it?

You should use an LS-33 spring instead and put it inside the JLF spring.

I prefer HAPP stiffness and after I did the ultimate JLF mod I was content with it. You should look into it.

Oh you can also use Home Depot springs.

From slagcoin, the list of springs can be used (Joystick Controller - Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts)

Sanwa JLF: LS-32 LS-33 LS-40 LS-55 spring (LS-32 and LS-40 springs can go around and LS-33 and LS-55 springs can go inside along with the JLF spring)

JLW won’t fit nicely. Most people prefer the LS-33 spring with the stock JLF spring.