JLW-UM-8 inside TE-S suggestions please(Harness)


I got my lizardlick parts today and just installed the octogate and bat top on the stock TE-S stick. I also ordered a JLW-UM-8 joystick and a round plate. The JLW-UM-8 chad told me and according to a thread on a search i did i saw him post

" Originally Posted by Coins
does a SANWA JLW-UM-8 Bat Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way fit inside the Madcats TE stick. Want to try a bat top stick.

Probably get some buttons too.
I would probably just get the bat top, make sure to grab the adapter too… We’ve never put a UM in a TE, but it should fit, if you choose to go that way. You’ll have to hack up the harness to install it…"

the harnes would need to be hacked up. How can i go about doing this and also without hacking it up so bad that if later i decide i like the octogate better i can use the same harness for the stock joystick? The JLW-UM-8 just feels nice and roundish =)

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i’ve fit one before. you need to bend the signal tabs to fit properly as the base/microswitches are too big. to get a better idea would be to take off the bottom panel and see where it touches when you test fit from the top side of the panel. the harness needs to be hacked in half. save the harness connector for the jlf if you want to revert back. then extend the wires to each direction on the microswitch and you can daisy chain the ground wire(black). hope that makes sense.


Well i opened it up when i put in the octogate and bat top so i kinda see what u mean. Its just the harness a 1 piecethat goes into 1 slot(on the stock one) where the new joystick has 4 entries. Is it possible to get like pics so i can get a better idea if you dont mind. At least im glad its possible.;D


Here is a picture to what you have to do with your wire harness. Use 22 Gauge solid wire in this case. Insert solid core wires into the harness. You need to strip off maybe a 1/4th inch. You need 8 .187 quick disconnects. Once you have tested that you got it hooked up right, then use electrical tape to keep it together.

The colors mean nothing to you since all the wires in the madcatz harness are black, but if you look at the order the harness is it matches up with sanwa.

SSFIV Mad Catz Fightstick TE S
How to plug the wires in Bat joystick

Damn thats an awesome diagram thanks, but doesnt look like my field to mess with. Im willing to try it if i knew where to get all the mats. Im sure once at it, it shouldnt be too hard. Seems like all the youtube tutorials out there are there except for this ;(


There actually is a YouTube.
But I’m not going to retrieve it right now.


I could sell you what is pictured for $5 for my troubles. I can mail that in a paper envelope. PM if you want. It will be up to you to hook it up right though. The upper left picture in the wiring guide is what you would be looking at. The black wire would go to the “C” on the micro switches and the color wire would go to the “N.O.” tabs on the switch. “N.C.” is not used.


I will be glad to pay 5 for that, you are awesome. What address can i paypal you the 5 big ones? Good, at least i know i can ask you for help when i get it.
And damn i couldnt find a video on youtube, lemme try and see again


You don’t need much. You’ll need 8 Quick disconnects, .187" AKA 3/16", which, luckily, unlike the .110" for most buttons, is probably available at a hardware store near you. Then just some solid core 22 AWG wire, which can easily be had from RadioShack. Strip the wire, insert into the tabs, then strip the wire and put it into your QD, and crimp it on (Most strippers have crimpers in them). Get a few extra QDs for “oops” protection. Then, slide on the QDs to the tabs. The last one is for GND, it is a little more complicated, you have to daisy chain them (Have a wire going from one to the next, see the one with the QDs in red, that is daisy chained).

The tabs are just an extension of the wire harnesses. What you need to do is follow the pattern that the harness is like?GND, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN. Attach the GND daisy-chained QDs to the end of the microswitch labeled COM on all four switches. Then, attach RIGHT to the top right corner microswitch (Assuming that you’re holding the case upside down such that the stick is on the right side, and buttons are on the left), then Left to the bottom left corner microswitch. UP does to the microswitch ON THE BOTTOM right corner. Yes, bottom. DOWN goes on the top left microswitch.

Also, electrical tape. Use it to stick and secure things. Get this wherever. I got a 2 pack for a dollar at a dollar store.


Thanks for your help too Nerrage. Thanks to everyone i really appreciate it. This community rocks!


I super forgot that JLW microswitches are labeled differently. Scratch what I said about COM, that’s for JLF, the daisy chained should go like rtdzign said, to “C” and the other side should go to “N.O.”


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So i got the wires rtdzign mailed me. He had them ready to go in the order they were and easy to plug to the stock harness.

So here i connected the stock harness to rtdzigns wires and pushed them inside the holes of the harness reading where they led to the pcb so i saw the black and red where the outer wires since that is where they lead to in the pcb on the stick…

Then i connected them according to the picture he posted and printout he also mailed me like so

And here is a side view

Now when i was ready to put it back and screw it on the green tab(one closest to the cable management box)would hit so i bent the tab on the joystick like this

Then i taped just so it wouldnt touch with the green one im also going to bend.
And here it is taped

Here is the green tab bent

Before i screwed everything back on i turned on the PS3 and sure enough i wired it right and worked.

The stick feels way better than the JLF with the octogate and more like my style and how the HAPP from the old school arcades felt like. I think those that want that round smooth feel really have to try this out.
I used Sanwa JLW-UM-8 Joystick and Sanwa GT-0 Round Restrictor Plate from lizard lick and rtdzigns wires and that was it. Easy thing to do and this was my first mod to my stick(well second i guess if you consider switching the stock gate for the octogate).


Cool stuff :tup:, good job, and nice worklog.


Thanks, I still cant believe how easy it was to do it. Now just waiting for my plexi and artwork from arts and my new buttons should be here tuesday(monday is a freakin holiday