JLW vs. JLF comparisons

Souji is working on my custom stick (will post pics) and now I’m considering not gutting my TE and going with a new joystick and button set.

So far, I’ve played a lot on the JLF and the Sanwa buttons and my brother has the Seimitsu LS-32-01 and some form of Seimitsu buttons. I really don’t like the Sei stick (it has some wiggle room in the corners), but those buttons feel much nicer. So I’m 100% on Sei buttons and Sanwa stick, but what about the JLW?

Who uses it for SF? Anyone? I somewhat don’t like the spring in the JLF (feels too light), so JLW seems like it could fit the bill.

Well can’t help much cause i never tried a JLW but you can read it here Joystick Controller - Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts

JLW requires that you solder wires directly to PCB, JLW can’t take the wire harness. You could just get a JLW spring and put it in your JLF if you wanted a tighter feel. And JLW requires a bat top or the giant LB-45.

Have you tried using the LS-32 by taking off the dark blue sub-gate? It feels so much better after taking it off and really reduces the wiggle room on the corners. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t fix the problem of the LS-32 when you push the stick hard to the gate, it jumps a little bit.

they make a jlw for the regular ball tops

Sanwa JLW-TM-8 Joystick

imo jlw is more for shmups. these things are dirty tough as well!!

Nerrage, you don’t have to use LB-30N or LB-45.
JLW-TM-8 can use regular LB-35.

If you intend to put a JLW in a Madcatz stick you will have to hack the harness like so. In this case 22 gauge solid core will work best for inserting into a wire harness.

JLW isn’t good for Fighting games. The corners don’t contact as well due to the levered microswitches. I’d stick with a JLF if that’s what you’ve been playing.

yup, that’s right

I’m using JLW in my 2 sticks, also playing a lot SF, this joy is faster stronger and not that soft as JLF.

JLW isn’t too bad for fighters. It’s in between a JLF and a Happ, IMHO. As for the corners, just install the circle gate

Thanks all for the replies, it looks like JLF may still be in my future vs. JLW (esp on the wiring harness piece). As far as getting the JLW spring into JLF: it doesn’t fit because the JLW spring is far too wide (already tried it).

What about the diff between the Sei sticks for “feel”? My brother’s Sei stick feels really weird in the corners, but I could play with it ok (no worse than I did on Sanwa), but what about the other variants?

Whoa! This thread talks specifically about what I was referring to about my LS-32-01 issues:

“The first is the coveted pivoting issue. When an LS-32 is slowly pushed to hit the restrictor, continuing to apply pressure will make the joystick do a little ?jump? which makes the shaft move about half a millimeter further. It?s perfectly harmless; nothing breaks even after extended periods and it doesn?t impact performance, but it?s something that people get bugged by”

Ikagi-chan totally sums up my feeling for this. So now I could buy the LS-40 parts and a LS-32-01 stick or I could just get a JLF and be done with it. And why not a LS-40 in the first place?