JLW's JLF and the TE sticks


hey guys,

my 1st post.:lovin:. but i read alot here…

im a real sf2 headbanger… been playing for 20 years since back in the arcade days. proper commitment… lol…

anyway… was getting fed up with the xbox d’pad so i got myself a new TE fightstick yesterday. spot on… but i have a few q’s hopefully some of you can answer…

i have an old jamma arcade machine which i sf2’d up, . i had promised myself id one day own a sf2 cab when i was a kid… dream come true, ive mamed it and i also have a ssf2t pcb game board too…

my cab:wgrin:

i didnt stay 100% true to the sf2 kit spec with the cab, i chose my preference for the sticks and buttons… and the joystick/button stickers are from sf alpha…

anyway… i put sanwa sticks on it… JLW’s and concave buttons… (i know some/most of you dont like concave buttons, but its what im used to from back in the day…)

the JLW’s in the cabinet seem to feel so much better that the JLF in the fightstick… heres my findings…

the JLW in the cab is tighter than the TE stick, i took them both apart and i have to say the JLW is superior to the JLF in the TE… the spring inside the actuator is much more heavy duty, the pinion/pivot that sits on the middle of the shaft is metal not plastic, the shaft is wider/heavier duty, the auctuator is bigger and heavier thicker plastic too… everything on the JLW is better than the JLF…

the action on the JLW is better also, no slop nice and tight. i wouldnt say the throw is any different but it is certainly tigher thanks to the much heavier spring. i feel my game is better with the sticks in the cabinet. the JLW just seems to be a more quailty piece of kit.

like most of you here im sure, ive spent so much money over the years buying sticks and pads for sf games on all systems. i have 5 xbox360 pads, 3 ps3 pads with various mods, a modded hori ex2 and a couple of others. its taken me a long time to find a stick/controller im proper happy with, and the sanwa JLW does it for me…

id like to mod the TE to my spec and ive been hunting around for a good while, looking for anyone who has put a JLW into a TE… or even happ concave buttons…

has anyone here done that?

the happ concave buttons are different from the sanwas, they are screw in as apposed to push in…

or i can i mod the JLF to be more like the JLW?

why do you guys not like the JLW, all ive read seem to prefer the JLF with inferior quality parts and action?

thanks for reading!



How you doing thesharkfactor? Welcome to SRK’s Tech Talk Forums! :tup:

Anyways, although I’ve never personally put one in myself, I THINK (not 100% sure) that you’re able to swap out the stock joysticks in Mad Catz’s Arcade FightSticks with a Sanwa JLW without any issue. At least, I think it’s the case; the JLW uses a different mounting plate than the JLF after all so it may not line up exactly with the holes in the mounting brackets on the FightSticks. However, I believe I saw somewhere that someone was able to put a JLW inside of a Hori Real Arcade Pro, so I believe it should be doable on the FightSticks since the welded mounting bracket is basically a clone of Hori’s.

Unfortunately, if you searched the forum, you’d find that you cannot put Happ or iL buttons of any kind into either FightStick. They’re just too to fit inside the case unless you cut away some of the bottom panel. And sadly for many fans of old school American style concave buttons, you won’t find concave buttons in Sanwa or Seimitsu’s catalogs. The closest you can probably get is Seimitsu’s PS-14-G (the snap-in variety, not the GN screw-in) which are pretty high tension Japanese pushbuttons (still not as heavy as Happ/iL buttons) with a plane surface (completely flat) so perhaps those would suit your taste. The only place that sells them however is AkihabaraShop.jp, which is currently down to upgrade the server. :xeye:

Hope that answered your questions man.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, that is a NICE cabinet! I always liked the look of the old school American arcade cabinets, but I’m a Japanese parts man, so I’d have a tough time finding or constructing one with a thin enough panel to mount Japanese parts. :lol:


Gamingnow.net also sells the Seimitsu PS-14-G.


thankyou for your detailed reply!

disapointing news about the concave buttons… i wonder if i could mod or cutdown the size of the happ button to fit in the stick…? i’ll look into this.

the mounting brackets are slightly different im sure. also the JLW has different switches and a pcb… so it may be difficult, but im sure could be possible. i wouldn’t mind having to drill 4 holes on top of the TE stick around the joystick… afterall, cabs have the mounting screws exposed anyway.

thanks for comments on the cab… i am in Scotland UK… you wont find a cab like that in america… its an electrocoin xenon, made in England.


The JLW to me did’t feel like a Japanese style joystick.

It felt like a cheap Chinese Sanwa knockoff that I have. (not necessarily in a bad way but it felt too stiff for me)


Ohoho, so they do! :wow:

Thanks for that heads up FullAutoDeath! I’ll definitely keep that link around. Shame they don’t have the solid color PS-14-Gs though. Looks like I’ll still be buying from AkihabaraShop when they reopen. :wonder:

Oh, my mistake! I never saw any European cabinets before, so based on the look, I thought it was an American Street Fighter cabinet. :lol:

Yeah, I know the mounting plates may be different, but I think they’re designed in such a way that any cabinet or mounting bracket that can take a JLF can take a JLW as well, so who knows? Maybe you’ll end up saving yourself some work!


I think people like the Light spring of the JLF or have gotten used to the delicate movement required by the hand.

Kind of like when you get a rental car and the pushing the brake and the accelerator have a different feel.

I’ve been wanting to try out a JLW out. Hmmmn… maybe I should see if any one is up for trading a JLF for a JLW.


i have 100% respect for any individual opinon on preference for sticks or controllers. what works for some dont work for others… this is why its important for me to find my comfort zone with this new stick. i know with a few simple mods i’ll get it playing the way i want.

for me, all those hours playing on the JLW’s in my cab have gotten me so used to them. to me, they just feel better…ive taken them both the sanwas apart and its easy to see the difference, the superior quality heavy duty components… its like comparing a Volkswagen to a BMW… but if you want the premium build quality stick, its the JLW…its built like a tank.

like i say, im not knocking anyones preffered method of controlling sf’er, these are just my observations and my preference.

im sure i can make the JLF feel more JLW with a few mods ive been looking at. thanks for your comments guys.


Check this Thread for some insight on Happ Buttons in Mad Catz.


So here’s the thing, the JLW is without a doubt the stiffest, Japanese stick. Stiffer than any other Sanwa/Seimitsu and stiffer than the JLF Ultimate Mod. It’s also a direct, drop in replacement for most Happ mounted CPs. It’s a unique stick, it’s one that I would recommend anyone who’s trying to get into Japanese sticks, but is coming from American ones. It’s got the stiffness of a Happ Comp/360, but it’s got the short engage/deadzone, can have a bat top attached and has both a square AND circular gate. Not that shitty awful octagon gate. That thing is horrible. But this, it’s easy to get someone who’s used to American parts to get used to it, get a battop + a circular gate and you’re good to go, it’s like you never even switched.


Boom, here ya go:

(Had this JLW-UM-8 in my TE for a while, the Diagonal Oval holes line up perfectly, no modification needed to mount it)

You just need to get an old floppy drive, or a ribbon plug cable adapter strip and cut it to size with a dremel and solder on some wires, then put on some QDs to make your own adapter as pictured, then it will plug into the standard JLF harness that is already on the TE.

EDIT: I just plugged it all in the joystick for the photo so the placement of the colored wires is probably incorrect for the proper directional alignment, but you get the picture. there are plenty of schematics regarding the wire layout of the JLF harness available online.




thanks man… thats very useful!

JLF TE here we come!