Job Offer: Product Manager Position at a Video Game Peripheral Company!

Posting this to see if anyone is interested:

Product Manager Position. A tremendous opportunity to work for North Americas leading Video Game accessory company and develop cutting edge products for platforms such as Wii, PS3, PS2, Xbox360, PSP, DSL, etc. Were looking for experienced sharp marketing management talent. The position requires knowledge of and interest in creating hardware and some software product lines. The right candidate will have knowledge and background in the entire Product Development process - from start to finish. This includes market feasibility, product and packaging concept, development, manufacturing and launch. Additional requirements for this position include a high energy level, strong organizational, analytical and communication skills as well as proof-reading and creative skills. Undergraduate degree in marketing or other business or creative discipline is preferred. Occasional overseas travel will be required. Competitive salary and benefits offered. Email resume to or fax to 323-325-9555, subject: Product Manager Position.


This position get filled yet?

Bob, no, it’s still open…but you can remove/close this thread, no one from this side of the country is going to be going after it!

Heh, ok.