job taken

Game: Diablo 2
Requirements: spare computer or VMware
You cannot have 64 bit operating system.

If you do not own the game i can purchase cdkeys for you, which you can use to DL game from blizzard’s website.


What game? Certain times, or?

Is this some old wow gliding BS?

I have a spare MAC & PC.

What game?

it’s diablo 2

bot must be up 24 hours a day.

im trying to leechbot my zealer to 98

I have Diablo2 original and expansion.

Although I don’t have any characters not sure how it would work…

character and bot will be provided as well as full instructions on how to set it up (i will be on phone with you)

15$ per week you run it

Sounds possible.

I am from Ontario, Canada though so if you want to call you’ll pay long distance (although probably not much)

I’m assuming you will be paying by paypal? I’m at work right now and won’t be home for another 3.5 hours so if you want, I can PM you my email to discuss further.

canada isnt long distance for me.

and yes, via paypal. payment sent every wednesday if you get it setup tonight.

it must be run on PC, not mac. Mac cannot run the bot.

Sounds good, I’ve PM’d you my email and will install the game when I get home.

PM me your email too so I can get the link to the bot and other details.

Just a FYI, the 15$/week would have to be $16.66/week to match the 50$ for 3week offer.

yea, thats fine

might need someone else as his computer is not being very cooperative

if you do not have a spare computer, if your computer is decent you can use VMware to create a virtual system. So everyone is able to do this.