Joe has no reason not to use Slow now. Use it

With this ‘new’ finding, Joe can kill anyone in the game with only one bar. No assist, no DHC, no xfactor. Unscaled damage for as many times as you pull this off in one Slow string, and it works anywhere on the stage. The only part that matters is you must land a hit within a reasonable time window after you land Slow, which isn’t hard. I advise you Slow them as soon into the original hit as possible to maximize the profit of this. And obviously, Joe must block the bomb. So don’t kill yourself with this.

2 minutes 34 seconds in.

If airborne:
–Use L Red Hot Kick. That version sends them downward instead of upward like M Red Hot Kick does, and since they’re slowed, they’ll drop down at an easier rate for you to drag them to the ground, launch them back up, then down, and get the unscale bomb.

If you land a hit late:
–Don’t worry about it. Most characters that aren’t Nemesis, Hulk, Haggar and Sentinel won’t survive even two loops of the unscaled combo + a few RHKs. If you land a hit VERY late, you need to think about when it’s going to stop working and capitalize. As long as you get them to the corner, spending a bar to kill them is okay. It unscales for your hypers too.

–Raw tagging someone in to do damage during Slow isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not unscaled unless you block the bomb, remember. If you can set that up, someone else can do damage even faster than Joe, but you’ll only get one unscaled bomb. (Not even the assist bomb unscales the combo when blocked, only refreshes the assist)