Joe is underated

joe in my opinion is one of the best characters in this game cuz he has moves that can counter almost anything i use him as my middleman in my team consiting of ryu joe and rugal problem is i’m not sure who should be ratio 2, who should be the started ryu or rugal, and which groove is the best for them right now i’m working with p-groove

Ok ill reply since no one else has, in that team I would say either lead off with Ryu or have Ryu as your level 2. I would also suggest playing K Groove for that team. K groove is arguably Joe’s best groove and Ryu isnt that bad in it either. Rugal is actually underrated in K, he does massive amounts of damage when he is raged, its almost sickening. So your best bet is either K Groove Rugal, Joe, 2 Ryu or Ryu, Rugal, 2 Joe.

Yea, his wall super is fucking insane :eek:

i appreaciate the groove idea and see how it works for me but i’ve already got my team set as ryu, joe(2), and rugal

I like him in A-groove.

i don’t like really like A-groove

Yep, A-Grove all the way. My team: The Fatal Fury Crew!!!

Tery “The Lone Wolf”, Kim, and Joe Higashi. Of course Tery will be the raitio 2.:cool:

Screw terry, burning knuckle = death if it’s blocked :stuck_out_tongue: i just turtle that guy out :stuck_out_tongue: of course turtling doesn’t always work against a smart player.

Yea, but no idiot is gonna do a burning knuckle out of the blue.

well watta bout my she fatal fury to and gees and yamazaki or is that fatal fury team 2

if you turtle smart it does :slight_smile:

My Fatal Fury team 2 would be like Mai, Rock, and Geese. You gotta make geese the ratio two man. But then again, why are we talking about Fatal Fury teams when this thread is about Joe?

Lets just say that Joe is the man because he is the only one in the game that moon people!:lol:

Joe’s supers are easily his best weapon. Screw Upper is a good anti-air if timed right, Double Cyclone destroys crossups, but his Golden TNT Hurricane Punch or whatever kinda ruins it. His Tiger Kick has some sweet invincibliity against mid- or low- range attacks, his Golden Kick works as a semi-decent anti-air, his Hurricane Uppers are fairly hard to deal with and are good for mind games, and his TNT punch packs fairly high priority over other moves. Smash Kick is useless unless you only use lk because it’s so slow and the mk and hk versions eat attacks like a trucker at a Flying J. His normals are decent, but nothing really stands out too much.

what about this team in c-groove…Joe(1) Blanka(1) and Sagot(2)…I picked the c because I like to just alot…and I don’t really get K-groove…Think someone could PM me about the K

Strong team, really good in c groove. Personally I would rather lead off with Blanka then Joe so Joe can have a level 3 backing him up, but thats just imo. That or I would play Sagat/Joe/2Blanka, but whatever works for you. Just what dont you understand about k groove?

the supers…Is it onlt in the c where you can do lvl3s??? I don’t get the k’s rage meter.

underated? Joe has a bad habit of leaving himself open from specials.

No every groove but a has lvl3’s, K actually has the strongest lvl3 in the game.

As for Joe leaving himself open because of specials, that in itself is mute. Any character including Cammy, Blanka, Sagat leave themselves open because of specials.

actually jaw S groove has the strongest supers

but about joe not having any distinguishing normals




his cr hk is the best slide in the game

you can start off so many mind games off this move cause its long range a knockdown and its hard to punish if blocked

also TNT punches are amoung the top 10 RC’s in the game, there fast to come out cant be punished if blocked and do good chip

his slice kick is good use it in combos, do it off the cr shorts or a standing hk

and IMO A is joes best groove

RC’s and his CC is all purpose AA ground and poke blow through that does 7000 damage

double cyclone only does 6800…

thats just me though