Joe Lewis Hard Trials

Listed Below are “Hard Mode” trials that I came up with. Not real set number listing
Some of these will take time
St. Jab,Jab,Jab,Jab,St.Short

St.Jab, Cl.Strong, Cr.Forward

Cl.Strong, Cl.Strong, Far, Strong

Cl.Jab,.Cl.Strong, St.Jab, Cr.Forward

Focus Attack, Ultra 2

St.Jab, St. Jab, Ultra 1 (Please note the harder version has the jabs connecting)

St,Jab, St,Short(WHIFF), Ultra

St.Jab, Ultra 1

St.Jab-St.short-Focus Cancel-Ultra 1

Jumping Forward Roundhouse, Cr.Roundhouse

Body Splash, St.Jab, Cl,Strong, Tomahawk

Body Splash, St,Strong,St,Strong-Ex-Conder Spire, EX-DP, EX-Dive

Jumping forward Jab, Conder Diive

Jumping backward Jab, EX Conder Dive

Jumping forward Jab, St, Jab, st.Jab,st.Jab,st.Jab, Cr.Forward

Unrelated, but I was watching your replay against “SuperCrack18” (Dictator Player)

Turbo using motherfucker.

You still blew him up so it’s all good. :slight_smile:

I hate ranked match so much. haha

Why not “j.HK, j.LP, Dive”? That works, right? (at least on taller opponents).

T.hawk cannot link two air normals

I’m quite sure I’ve done it. Maybe it was counterhit only. Try a really deep jump-in on Sagat. Just to be more specific: I meant landing between the attacks.