Joe Lewis on Twich!



Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I am going to be streaming now since I have nothing else better to do. You will definitly see a lot of T.Hawk play so if you are interested here is the link. I will prob post stuff when I stream. Its going to be A LOT of hawk play…and other stuff as well so take a watch if you want.

Right now (at the start of this post) we are doing a test. Hope you guys check it out!


No Assassin’s Creed. Get back to Hawk.



lmfao my roommates playing creed for a bit. Im going to run home and pick up my actuall stream equipment and set it up. so That I will use streaming on my Ipad for other things.


im online now playing ranked match for those interested


Joe did you go to NEC?


Joe the framerate is really bad, like 5FPS. The charcters just chop around the screen. I don’t think it’s bandwidth but a problem with the capture or encoding.


I think I fixed it…


Running sets with Hungebee atm


Do you stream anymore? I am looking to get into competitive Hawk play.


Yeah; Have not been able to as of recently; Upgrading equipment.


Cool, sounds good. Just post up when you do.