Joe Mad to do another cover and backup story!

here’s my source

can’t wait, the Mad man is back!

We already knew he was doing another back-up. It was mentioned in Newsarama (or Pulse?) months ago, when the TPB was released and they moved to Devils Due.

But at least we know where to look for the cover now.

Well, I didn’t know… that’s AWESOME!! Joe Mad’s cover and backup story is one of my favorites. Can’t wait to see it (this means Udon should give them the go-ahead to post)! Thanks for the info, Densku!


Joe Mad rulezzz… Just cant wait to see he’s another grate work. :eek: :eek: :eek:

This has never been confirmed yet. Joe did the cover, but never commited to doing the interiors yet becoz of his super busy schedule. That is why I never say anything.

Then you guys shouldnt have said this to Newsarama:

Don’t be such an asshole, Time Stop.


From what I have seen on this board, Time-Stop can’t really help it, tis just who he is.

And saying “Don’t be surprised if” is not the same as confirming something for definite. For a start it has “if”. Meaning they are trying to get a certain someone back, not that they have.

Well if Joe Madureira does do another back-up story that would be awesome. I think so far that the #1 back-up story is my favourite, & I loved that style of art the most (No offence intended to any of the other back-up artists). If this happens I look forward to it:cool:


I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you represented the entire body of this forum. But seriously, don’t use “we” when your just an “I” :stuck_out_tongue:

and thank you Udon for finally bringing Madureira back to comics after years off!

Time_Stop! HA! As much as your critical posts imply otherwise, I always know that you are the biggest fan of ours! Only a big follower can quickly pick on everything we have posted online!! Thanks for your support!

And to clear up this whole Joe Mad situation a little…

We asked Joe to do another back up and cover a while back. He is open to that idea and has said yes, but never give me a date as to when he can finish it. His work schedule is pretty crazy so I do not want to pressure the guy too much.

He finished a cover already, we got the story for him to do fixed up, and he is going to start but at the same time his work load from his day job increases. So we are rescheduling his back up to a later date to accomodate with this.

Therefore, we do not have a confirmed date as in when he will be able to finish his new backup.

Hope that clear things up.

Awesome… sounds like it’s going to happen. Is Joe Mad! a fan of the Street Fighter game? I think I might have heard he was into fighting games.


Joe talks about playing street fighter in this interview (just a bit)

click here!