Joe Maduriera

Anyone know if Joe Mad will do another segment for the Street Fighter series? He’s been a favorite since he did the Uncanny X men and I was ecstatic to see his contribution to issue 1.

I’m not sure, but I hope so… remember MAD’s work during The Age of Apocolypse? GENIUS. He did some spider-man even earlier than that that was great too… His Rhino was very good.

I dont think Joe Mad has ever done Spider-Man, except for in Uncanny X-Men #346. I know he had done some covers and one or two pin ups of SM but it was before he ever defined his style, ie you wouldnt recongnize it was his art. Spidey was actually only in UXM#346 cause Mad had always wanted to draw him. There’s a Spider-Man one shot that he’s always wanted to Marvel, but he said they wouldnt allow him to do just that, and wanted him to do like 20 other things, and he only wanted to do the Spidey thing.

Finally, a reply. Mad’s work in AoA was one of the main reasons why I started collecting comics in the first place. At the time his style was so different than the other X books.

Is there a book he’s currently working on now?

No, he just does work for video games, or commisions at times, like covers for PSM (Playstation Magazine)

He also works on Battle Chasers #10-12 whenever he wants to. He actually has #10 done, but he wants to finish #12 before he releases #10.

Oddly enough, he also did the US cover artwork to Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes game, which was a classic. People still prefer that game to everything Capcom’s Marvel series except for MvC2 and XSF.

That thing has all of the characters moved around and all of the bad guys cut out. The original illustration looks amazing. Though, the only place i’ve ever seen the full thing was a poster on Alex Valle’s wall. That thing is probably impossible to find now.

I have the full version on my comp, but its black and white, was the one Alex had in color, cause I would of loved to have that.

I have alot of rare Mad stuff in a folder on my comp, its like a folder with 30MB of his art.

Yeah, the one Valle had was in color. It must have been some promo or something that he won at a tournament somewhere.

Hey lets not forget his Dead Pool mini series. That was awesome. I too hope he does more stuff for SF.

Yeah, his Deadpool mini series “The Circle Chase” was cool, but I know he looks back on it and thinks it looks like crap, since it was before he defined his style.

Ed McGuinness took Deadpool to where it needed to be…all thanks to Joe Mad in my opinion. Their styles are similar…yet different…intriguing.

Joe Mad is the one who discovered McGuinness. Ed showed Mad his portfolio at some con, and then Mad reccomended him to Marvel.

I’m not really a comic dude really, SF=exception, so I don’t know much about the various artists but I look back on #1 & Joe Madureira & his back-up story is definitely my favourite back-up the art was great! Though the cover didn’t impress me as much it was still good, he has a much more sort of…solid look to his art than some others, doubting anyone knows what I mean.

You can check out some of his art at my Joe Madureira site. It’s a fan site to show people his work. It’s so hard to get news on Joe though, since he’s not the buzz anymore. I wish I had some info on his new work before it releases, it took a couple days before I found out about the new PSM cover. Anyway, enjoy.

Man I was looking all over the place for a Mad site several months back and I couldn’t find anything. Looks like you’ve had this going for a while. Nice looking site.

Oh, and I send you a scan of astonishing xmen issue 4 if you still need it. And I’ll probably be able to get the rest of the uncanny covers for you as well

Thanks for the kind words. Yea I’ve had the site for a little while now, it’s doing quite well.

That would be awesome if you could add some images to the site. If you have msn it would probably be easier to send over that than email since hotmail can only send so much. Thanks again

Yeah, awesome site dude. I hope you can keep it up for a while. Joe Mad fan sites seen to go up and come down a few months later a lot of times. That’s cool that you’ve got the black and white version of the MSH Joe Mad illustration that TAS was talking about. Also, that TMNT cover is absolutely amazing. In fact, i think it looks way better in pencils/inks than in color, because most of the detail gets lost in the colors.

I’ll PM you once I get everything together. I can also send you scans of the any artwork on the insides of his Uncanny Xmen run. I’ve got them all in a box somewhere.