Joe Quesada ruined my Marriage!: The Spider-Man Thread

It’s official, the web-head is finally announced!

Credit to “dev” for the thread title. Shit is too good too good!

I’ll try to update with any videos and images as soon as they come in!


Offical Artwork:

Multiple outfits confirmed:


Spider-Man Intro Vid!:
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Character Reveal: Spider-Man - GameSpot Video

Seth Killian demos Spidey:

Matches with Spidey:

SaitsuofLeaves left us a great overview of Spidey’s move set and analysis:

What we know so far
-All of his moves from previous games are intact. This includes
Web Ball, Web Swing, Web Throw, Maximum Spider, Ultimate Web-Throw, and Crawler Assault.
-Gained a new move “Web Zip” Looks like both a great get out of jail free move as well as a rush down tool. Spidey can attack while in mid “zip.”
-All supers as of right now are level ones, Maximum Spider can be combo’ed from the air.
-You can attack out of Web Swing, looks much more offensive because of it.

We’re in an Empire State of Mind.

Thread title change to “Joe Quesada ruined my Marriage” please.

QUESADA!!! (undercase)

sigh +1

I approve of this non M.O.D.O.K. marvel character.

If they implement his Spidey Sense, it should work like Ammy’s Slow spell.

Ahahaha, too good!

I would’ve gone for “My Sodium senses are tingling!”. If only I wasn’t in the shower the exact moment the news dropped. Sonnuvabitch!

The first rule of Capcom Reveals is if you know one’s coming, DO NOT LEAVE THE COMPUTER!!!

Meh. I would prefer the title to be “Everybody gets one… more day!”

Thread title is degrading >=/
Looking forward to vids
Of course there will be those who will whine about having the same moves but those scrubs just need to STFU and deal with it (puts on glasses) when they get OCVed with Spidey.

Well, Quesada did ruin the marriage, damn the bastard. There were only three things you could count on. Death, Taxes, and Peter and MJ being married…

Knowing how Capcom’s implemented other characters from past Marvel titles, I would expect him to be similar. I’m hoping that he’ll gain some shenanigans (I’m already hoping for a Maximum Spider that will OTG, haha). But also knowing Capcom, they’ll completely rape his health. =/

I’m really curious what they’re going to do with his level 3, hopefully it’ll be an entirely new super.

Nah this is a good thread title. Wesker however is most unpleased.

Anyway I AM HYPE AS BALLS! Spiderman theme tune shall be played be day long!

haters gonna hate.

Should change the thread title to

“He’s not M.O.D.O.K. The Spiderman Thread”

…and yet I don’t let it bother me and would rather NOT BE REMINDED of it. I’d rather enjoy spidey than dwell on the mishappenings that occured him like a whiny nerd.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Screens for PlayStation 3 at GameSpot

Spidey artwork.