Joe Quesada ruined my Marriage!: The Spider-Man Thread

Well, that explains the shoulder.

OTG’able web throws with wall bounce properties please…

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Character Reveal: Spider-Man - PlayStation 3 Movies at GameSpot

Spiderman Video

Is that… is that another silhouette behind Spiderman?

Can we get a real thread title?

Spiderman video

He looks AMAZING! Best saturday morning in ages! Wesker and Spidey in one hype-splosion.

Oh man, Spider-Man is looking just as good as he did back in the MSH days. aka beast!

Maximum Spider can be combo’ed off a regular air combo, can combo Crawler Assault now off of Web Ball, and a new kind of dash! Speaking of Web-Ball, I sure hope it won’t be mashable, or at the very least Web Ball xx Crawler Assault is a actual combo!

All I want is ultimate web throw off of OTG. He can be low tier for all I care I will play him all day long if he has that.

Anybody recognize the VA?

Totally into the MVC1 spider-man theme remix

Found this on /co/:

josh keaton of course!!!

Wait, didn’t he also do a Universe on Shattered Dimensions?

And Spectacular Spiderman. Keaton’s great! (Even though Spectacular Spiderman is garbage).

No, I mean, when’d he have time to do both?

And don’t remind me of Spectacular…makes me cry that it got canceled, DISNEY!!!

But the thread title sucks.

Whoa, what’d you just say?

90’s. Spiderman. Cartoon. All. Fucking. Day.

Dude, you’re lucky it’s 4:30 in the morning, because I could light up this thread so much. And yes, I’ve watched the 90’s Cartoon…every…single…episode, along with the nostalgia of watching it before as a kid (watched it then, rewatched it now). The only reason it would beat SSM is because they got screwed out of a new season.