Joe the Condor and Zero confirmed for TvC!



The Zero video is really cool. His super at the end was sick.


Zero looks like he’s not a great character to use though. Joe looks pretty damn good.


Joe is the Gatchaman no. 2 and one of the cooler dudes on the team.

OMG ZERO! :wow: He looks (visually) and animates really well. I wanted him since Marvel vs. Capcom 1.

Dr. B is power incarnate. And by power I mean mad sexiness. And power.



Karas and Zero all the way!


Hell yeah they used the awesome version of Zero, when I heard the rumor I was thinking it was going to be the Zero from SVC chaos. Anyway he looks major sick in that game lol.


Joe looks like some sick shit. Zero is pretty meh, though.


Sweet it’s Zero Proper and not sissy Zero


Giving Zero the dragon punch he got from Magma Dragoon in MMX4 is just too appropriate.


Reminds me alot of MMX4 Zero.


anakaron dude, ur AV is turning me on for some reason :blush:


yay finally!

Now all that’s left is Yatterman 2


Screw you guys, Zero-series Zero is way cooler. :frowning:

Still amazing that he’s in though, he should’ve been in a crossover ages ago.


Yep, thats how I felt.

I liked Joe’s assist


Indeed, Capcom seems to have used MMX4 attacks for this game, except Time stopper from MMX5.

And well, Joe the Condor confirmed for “Manly tier”, dat winning pose and voice. He looks pretty good.


Zero is officially the SF4 Ken of this game. I want to pick him but I no longer can. :frowning:


I kinda wish it was the Zero from the MMZ series on the GBA, but MMX Zero is cool too


oh man, Joe sounds so fucking angry

I gotta play him :lovin:


Joe and Zero are my team.

Dr. B would be a part of it but if he were in the game, yadda yadda yadda man-sexy man-moist no homo.



Joe looks like rush down city. Ken/Joe gogogo!!!