Joe the Condor Frames

I have Ryu and Chun Frames but they don’t go that far in detail just normals.

The Active is added in the recovery. I just took it out and label it so you guys can see it better and know when the hit box is out.

Here is Joe’s Version 1 Sheet later testing will be done.

I used Sony Vegas to grab frames so if they are off blame the program or my counting skills I don’t care.
I will do other characters later it does take time for this.


I keep it real son, not type to rick rollin.

This is awesome. You’re my personal hero of the day.

Amazing. :smiley:

very good job men!!! Really nice ^^

Now this is great stuff. I would love to see this done for other characters too. Good job! I find it interesting that there are so many recovery frames on his shurikens

My new wallpaper. :slight_smile:

They have horrible recovery if you’re trying to mash out a normal after,
but you can cancel into more shurikens, 236PP super (possibly lvl3 if you’re for some reason throwing one at closerange),
and i’m pretty sure 623a/b/c savage shot or w/e

Guys I know that this sounds like kinda noobish of my part but I just like started to get interest in stuff like this but I don’t know what to do with it. Is there a way to someone to explain me how to understand this sort of thing like frame data and other stuff?

start up means how long after you push the button(in frames, which are 1/60th of a second each) the move will become active(able to hit people). During the startup time you can’t move(other than how the move itself moves you). Active is the number of frames the move stays out and is able to hit people. Recovery is the period of time you can’t move after the attack finishes. For some reason those totals don’t include the active frames, not sure why. I’m unfamiliar with this particular chart, but I’m pretty sure on hit, means the amount of frames you get on advantage if it hits. Not sure what on hit means, probably the amount of frames of advantage you gain when it hits them(which means if you hit them with a move with X frames of advantage you’ll fully recover and be able to do whatever you want and thye’ll still be in hit stunf for X frames). It could also possibly be the amount of hit stun it puts them in.

Tolore you explained it kind of right, the active is not used in the total because it is combined with the recovery frames so in the long run it is in there.