JoE - The Lonesome ThReAd



Joe threads die like flies so this is more for me than anybody but I am making it in hopes that this thread will help other aspiring joe players.

I think im going to jumpstart the thread with basics questions most people ask about joe (or that i asked myself)

Why play joe? This is very important to know why you want to try and take whatever character you are taking into high level competition. I personally want to make joe a main character in my team due to his rc fp hands baku cancelled. This seems like to me the most unexploited tactic in cvs2.

What is Baku Cancelling? Baku Cancelling is when you rc fp tnt punches then hit lp+fp twice after the first hit of the tnt punches and before the second, if you do this correctly you should get no recovery animation after the fourth hit of tnt punches and be able to combo things you normally can’t.

things that you can combo after tnt punches baku cancelled:
(1) s.rh
(2) c.rh
(3) more tnt punches
(4) a-groove activate c.rh into cc
(5) screw super or rush super (any lvl)

possible uses for this could be very groundbreaking and cheap and could be very problematic for current top tier.

-wakeup tnt punches = half life in essence if they tried rc elec or anything but dodging or blocking your tnt’s
-good for when YOU knock somebody down, but not overpowered, just good tactic,,, tnt punches is a combo, so if you baku cancel it you should be able to add on a c.rh to that combo, which would turn into a bnb combo

ok, there are other aspects to joe we can talk about now =)

lp fireball i find is good for baiting jumps, and it always stops unsuspecting low jumps in an attempt to move forward against joe. the hp fireball i sometimes like to do when i have created a knockdown too far for me to rc fp tnt (i.e. fp throw). if they block the double tornado’s on wake up you get a free guardstring.

his dp kick is good and i will be experimenting more with this move when i get my stick back (within the week). anyways, the lk version is good at stopping jumpin’s and allows joe to activate his custom combo.

lk uppercut, activate,, rh dash kick move, s.rh, rh dash kick move to the corner then jumping lp’s to the super

his rh uppercut move has very funny properties and watching ver’s videos gave me some idea’s to test with it…but the way ver was using it was when ver knew the opponent was sick of joe’s wakeup games and ver knew they would try to fp uppercut or try something that would stop his wake up games, he would psychic dp rh and it would hit his opponent out of many crazy things!

the hurricane kick move joe has CAN crossup but I can not imagine a very good use for it at the moment. maybe rc’ed it could be good for certain situations but i dont see why rc tnt punches or rc dash kick move wouldn’t be a better problem solver. trying to cross over people with the hurricane kick move should only be used in desperation…and is not a reliable way to land ANY damage.


c.lp - your standard lp - combos off of lp’s and is your comboable medium
c.fp - the fierce you use for combos
s.rh - his longest and strongest poking utility - i have not seen this listed in many joe threads in the past but i have had this snuff blanka’s c.fp and i believe sagat’s c.fp when I am near them, of course it snuffs their move because i did mine faster but still…i think it is worthwhile to note this normal
c.rh - SCORES YOU YOUR KNOCKDOWN - has a little range on it, pretty quick

jumping is his best normal to jump in with even though joe shouldn’t be jumping a whole hell of a lot.

i will figure out what the most reliable air-to-air option is when I get my stick, as that has also been left out of the half assed joe threads.

=wakeup game=

-i feel that his wakeup game should look a lot like blanka’s…which is scary and at the same time, it has not been done yet.

rc tnt punches leads into damaging options in any groove you play joe in when baku cancelled, so get them very accustomed to blocking this on wakeup, as blanka does with rc elec.

once they are trained to block tnt punches, you can begin doing the defensive wake up options such as jumping back, anticipating a super or activation, and possibly straight up, so you can keep the offensive if their option is to just block, come with with and go from there

dash, piano roll into throw always psychs the mind when people are trained to block a fearful rc

the ver rh dp trick, beating out stuff like sagats fp dp, i will test this more, just for the hell of it

out of all of these though, i believe rc tnt punches is the best option and should be used the most due to it leaving you in a GREAT position. the only way you can stop it is to rc wakeup or throw super and maybe some random lvl3, but i bet tnt punches rc’ed beats 95% of lvl3’s.

;;sidenote about cc and wakeupgame ;; joe can actually cc activate off of, c.lp
if you need the exact commands for it then visit gunter’s website as he has this custom in the specific section of joe.

i expect great things =) i will post more when i actually get my stick, so people dont think im talkin that bullshit


his version and maybe the others I’m not sure but the version has some weird insane priority against things, try to use c.rh as your main AA since its a normal that can’t airblocked and it will get you to thinking of which AA to use depending on how many character spaces they are away from you on the jump.

rc tnt may get you out of difficult situations but rc (some move) does not always beat lvl3 supers (I’m refering to non-projectile ones). certain supers like sagats hot foot has priority over probably all rc moves. (the super should be done at a reasonable close range where the 1st kick will hit)

jump straight up rh is a good air to air since its hitting forward.

rc tnt punches and canceled into another is the most unreasonable infinite since its not easy at all, and highly unlikely to land in a high level match. you can probably spam rc tnt punches baku canceled against k and p groove if you can do the actual combo link whether its a hit or block.


tyty for adivce, i kinda just put tnt punch into tnt punch in there for the hell of it…not really for the infinte, im going to try to learn baku cancel juss to go into activation off of it. if i can learn just that i’d be satisfied

i was going to test if baku cancel’s worked on the block as well, if they do it would make it the #1 option on wakeup and so much more


Yeah, there’s a reason why you’re able to hit people out of all sorts of things with the DP+K. From the CvS2 bible…

rh DP+ kick has 15 frames of startup, with 17 frames of invincibility. Most level 3 supers have around 20 frames of invincibilty! This is why you can knock people out of level 3 supers with it, which I’ve done many many times.

His jab FB is tied with Shin Akuma as the fastest FB in the game with 11 frames of startup, and 42 frames of recovery. Which makes it a great move to bait people into jumping.


Golden heel hurter is good for put opponent in trouble cause he can cross up on close/wakeup ? i think LK for cross up fake & MK for real,i made it on nullDC but on arcade i miss it a lot of times maybe i must change timing or look at characters distance

In - - lk golden heel does the golden heel hit ? and if not is it safe? the MK version will hit ?

His close stand HP is overhead ?

Do you have to RC TNT for Baku-cancel ? you must tap LP+HP in or before the 2nd hit ?