joe vids

does anyone have ANY joe vids at all? i cant seem to find any. i love playing him and i wanna see how the big boys use him.

Im surprised there aren’t any vids out there of our own mini Sagat (Joe).

I doubt you’re gonna find any Joe vids, but Smoothcat was filming my match against Suavion and someone else at TX Showdown 6 and I was using C-Joe. Don’t know if that vid is ever gonna turn up though. I also have a couple Joe vids of VDO and KOK using him on my DC++ account. Im on the smashboards hub as noinoipinoy.

Btw, Joe is decent, alot of people aren’t used to RC Crazy Hands. But other than that, you really wont be finding anyone using him unless they are really good at comboing after hands. (Which i can’t really do consistently)

Maybe I can help…

Try this link:


Look for “American Versus” and the matches “VDO vs. TKK 1-4” (some cool people I know). There you’ll find imo the best Joe there is.

You have to be a subscriber to dl those links.

Nice Tutorial Vid

Here’s the link:



I dunno…i usually find those videos the Tricks of the Trade videos to have some unpractical things. While some i can see merit in…some of them i find highly unlikely to happen in a real match against someone good…so i guess take and pick.

Hopefully I can make it to Evo 07 so I can make Joe top tier. I love how so many ppl underestimate Joe. Just look for Evil Evo Joe at Evo!!!

I’ve got some

^ Muay Thai Dream Team!!! Seriously though, too many roll supers, and slides.


Gooooo Joe!

What a buff Joe. But in reality the other guy fell for all of Joe’s gimmicks.

Do you have to be subscribed to the persons channel to dl or something else? I can’t find out how to dl shit.

yea you could kinda tell that it was more of a match of good player vs bad player instead of good joe vs good sagat, hibiki, and who ever else that guy used

look at the other vid of ver vs iyo… his joe isnt as good when you dont have people juming into crescent kicks and rolling into throws

Here’s some that I have:

  • [media=youtube]sKjfFh8BIVE[/media]

  • [media=youtube]dwGEckiMHyY[/media]

  • [media=youtube]a3WgHZl7_Fo[/media]

  • [media=youtube]BobEBUlB8Hw[/media]

  • [media=youtube]b94fQImRaPs[/media]