John Carmack Creating Virtual Reality


For those who dunno, John is pretty much the father of the FPS. He has been showing this behind closed doors at E3 however.

I like how his current prototype is being held together with duct tape.


would i bang a dude if his ass looked like a woman’s? no. but i would bang a dude if he was john carmack

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he is more than just a father of fps. he is a god. a genius. the wolfenstein, doom and quake engines revolutionized shit. then for shits and giggles…

"He taught himself aerospace engineering and is the lead engineer of the company. " (Armadillo Aerospace). quote from wikipedia

i also read somewhere that for fun he welds the parts for his aerospace company. because he’s a boss.


Don’t forget how much he loves heavy metal


okay fishjie, if Carmack is such an innovater, then how come he isn’t doing anything to improve the FPS’ genre right now? because, all these cookie-cuttter contemporary-warfare themed FPS’ aren’t really doing the genre any favors. it also doesn’t help that Rage just tacked on a ADS mechanic.


Because he’s trying to go to Mars and close the demon portal before it’s too late. He doesn’t have time to bother reinventing his own creation.


Can’t wait for the VR porn games.


he just builds the engines which require a ton of l33t math skillz

his brogrammer romero was the one who designed a lot of the levels. but romero went crazy and released daikatana and was never the same again

then consoles got popular, and consoles are all about linear boring scripted sequences. not like the open ended levels of doom that could be beat multiple creative ways

tldr: guns dont kill people, people kill people. game engines dont produce shitty games, shitty consoles and the dumb console kids who comprise the market produce shitty games



So today I was ushered into a little room behind lots of doors at E3 where I got a private tech demo from none other than John Carmack himself of his HDM totally immersive 3-D headset hooked up to Doom 3.!/ID_AA_Carmack/media/slideshow?

It was incredibe…it’s basically the VR headset we always wanted - I put it on and I was in the game, I could move my head around and look all around freely, a huge range of vision, completely immersive. When the demons started popping out you really feel like you have to run away, stuff pops out from the corner of your eye…it was pretty incredible.


i am so jealous



consoles were already popular by the time FPS’ got popular. it’s just that publishers saw the console market field is more profitable than the PC market, because let’s face it, not everyone is a white-middle class who could afford a decent rig.

tbch, i think FPS’ should go back to PC’s for a couple of reasons: A.) it will actually force developers to produce better game formulas or innovate other genres; B.) it will make the elitist PC gamers stop acting like condescending faggots; C.) hi.


FPS games are just this generations side scrollers. During NES and SNES it was side scrolling or third person. Then by the 64 bit days, it was all third person, with a bit of FPS and side scrolling. Now its third person and FPS.


if you watchedd that one video on spacial awareness being a key component to game design, you’ll know that designing a game based around guns (or any other projectile weapons for that matter) is the easiest way to go. IMO, it really takes a toll on creative game design, since most devs cop out and take the FPS route because it’s easier to produce and it will most likely sell more if you have a gimmick that sets it apart from other games (see the ADS mechanic).

room for innovation is gone at this point with the hardware we have now. I personally think unorthodox design, which the japanese are known for using, makes a better game since it challenges people. unfortunately, we live in a day and age where people don’t want challenge in their games, instead, wanting instant gratifications and a lot of back-patting. this is due to the fact that a lot of casual (non-gaming) audiences are beginning to play these games, and they are a very different crowd than the people who grew up and/or were avid players during the 8bit to 128bit era. what’s even sadder is that the younger generation of gamers are going to be used to over-simplified gaming, thus, making games into a cinematic experience where the only thing you have to do is press one button.

games hold your hand so much these days, even Spongebob Squarepants; Battle for Bikini Bottom didn’t have tutorials and hints on the frequency of modern day “mature” games.


FUCK yes! :tup:


I remember trying VR a very long time ago, not too long after Duke Nukem 3D came out (it was the game that was used). I wasn’t too impressed back then of course but I’m surprised it’s taken this long for it to come along. Hopefully it’s as good as it deserves to be!


I just wish MMOs would move back to first person. :tup:


Because he has more important shit to do, like making virtual FUCKING REALITY.


When the fuck did I wear a virtual reality helmet?

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