John Choi vs. Ricky Ortiz- UCB Final CvS2 Tourney 4/26/03


This was a nutty CvS2 tourney…alot of the bay’s and states best were here going at it…Here are the results and a few minor highlights.


1)Ricky"Just Defender" Ortiz K-Cammy/Blanka/Sagat(2)
2)John"RC_Guile" Choi C-Guile/Chun-li/Sagat(2)
3)“Dr.B” Brandon “Level 2” Chaney C-Yama/Cammy/Sagat/Bisn
4)Pat “On the Come up” Miller K -Cammy/Blanka/Sagat(2)

Aka Ricky Ortiz,Choiboy,Dr.B,Pat the Great

Jon Beard aka Crescent-X went crazy with his Level 4 P-Sagat…putting up some painful damage…Pat the Great fought an impressive match defeating Eric Choi…fighting back to face me for the 3rd place spot…a good match…Early in the tourney at the final 4 left of winners…Crescent-X faced Ricky with his level 4 Sagat on rICKY’S k TEAM…Ricky pulls the win…I fought Choiboy and lost in a good match as well.


Choi and I played a couple of good matches…1st match was pretty close…But Choi pulled through to face Ricky.


Choi vs. Ricky…a familiar match-up and Ricky gets his payback for SJSU…Good game…

Thanks to all who came out and it was good to see Sac,and the rest of the regulars,and 510 players who gave it their best.


damn u pat, just cause i put u in the losers doesn’t mean u have to come back & beat me there.:frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:



Not that anyone cares, but I believe the A3 results were

  1. Choi (A-Guy, V-Sakura, one match as V-Akuma)
  2. Ricky Ortiz (V-Sakura)
  3. Manuel (A-Dhalsim, A-Gen)
  4. Some guy. Possibly Eric Choi (X-Ryu, V-Ryu, V-Sakura)
  5. Me (V-Rose, A-Gen, V-Ryu), Orochi (V-Zangief, V-Sakura), probably somebody I’m forgetting


great tourney! same stink but great high level of play…i got screwed in cvs2 :mad: oh well next time execute better… or mabye concentrate more i kept looking at that girl!! :smiley: no disrespect… hahahah … we should of cruised the strip than the tourney hahah

oh yea to daniel great tourney great job man!:slight_smile:


It is going to be interesting to see if Ortiz going to replace Choi as U.S’ best this year…

Perhaps the force will shift to east completely in the near future?


Ricky is originally from the Pacific North. His venture east was a visit, and not the other way around.


hey can someone post the results of the other tourneys.



MvC2 was 1st-Ricky, 2nd-Nick,3rd-Chris,4th-Steve( i believe this was the order)


4/26 GGXX results:

  1. Ken Tran-Testament
  2. Steve Yoo-Eddie
  3. Alan Chen-Jam
  4. Ed Sheem-Anji


O, my bad then. I thought the only reason he went to NY was to live there and avoid paying back that 1200 bucks he owned to Ponders.

Either way, I don’t think he can replace choi since he will not be qualified as long as he doesn’t pay the money back.


Are there going to be any “complete” results instead bits and pieces?


u can check the apex results for full results.

btw, i rule at marvel. i went two and out. like someone yelled during one of my matches, dunno who, i play too much guilty gear.

at least i didnt use another one of my 1-day chars.

good turney all around, though!


who got 5th in mvc2?:confused: :smiley:


No shame in playing too much Guilty Gear. I’ve probably played twice as much as you over the past two weeks and sadly I almost went two and out. Ugh, pathetic. Thanks to playing non-UCB people who weren’t familiar with my Potemkin buster-whoring though, I managed to pull off 13th.

I gotta stop being so nervous in competition, I don’t think I got the timing right for even one FRC. And even when I RC’ed, maybe once or twice did I finish the combo the way I intended.


Somone was curious to who were some of the people I played…

LB-Otch,Graham Wolfe,Senor Payaso,Pat the Great…Cant remember if there were anymore…But fighting those guys is always an honor…Choi took me out in winner’s and loser’s bracket.



I heard ricky will be back on the EC for ECC.


Your avatar is hella funny.

Every time chipp upsets potemkin, a little ninja gets his scarf.

oh, and GG nick. :slight_smile:


Ricky Ortiz is back on the west coast, shit. This is going to be very interesting.

Just out of curiosity, did anyone get teh matches on tape? those finals must have been very interesting to see.


actually, i don’t really play much no more. maybe twice a week now.

but marvel, i played that game like twice in the past month! i’m so stupid, i just threw away 5 bucks.

and just play in more turneys, you’ll get used to it.


Here is the UCB ST results:bluu:

1st John choi

2nd Eric choi

3rd Ricky Ortiz

4th Mouko