John Claude Van Damme You goin' to Hell! The official prank call thread


Stumbled across this today. Stupid, but funny. What are your thoughts on this? Does anyone have any good prank call stories?


^^ the fresh prince of the darkside made me lol.


heard this a few weeks ago. there are others like this too. not bad.




Did you seriously just fucking misspell Jean? What the f… what? What decade were you born in?


ROFL I thought it was a joke I didn’t get but…

Anway I like



That just happened cuz I was drunk.


Dave Carnie from Big Brother Mag/Jackass linked this up once a while ago. This dude gets wrong number calls all the time to people thinking he’s a “Dimension Cable Company” service tech or something, so he just goes with it and records the calls. Here’s one of them:




ROFL you shot anyone Joe?!? :rofl:


black metal was funny.