John Claude Van Damme You goin' to Hell! The official prank call thread|aim|dl5|link3|

Stumbled across this today. Stupid, but funny. What are your thoughts on this? Does anyone have any good prank call stories?

^^ the fresh prince of the darkside made me lol.


heard this a few weeks ago. there are others like this too. not bad.



Did you seriously just fucking misspell Jean? What the f… what? What decade were you born in?

ROFL I thought it was a joke I didn’t get but…

Anway I like


That just happened cuz I was drunk.

Dave Carnie from Big Brother Mag/Jackass linked this up once a while ago. This dude gets wrong number calls all the time to people thinking he’s a “Dimension Cable Company” service tech or something, so he just goes with it and records the calls. Here’s one of them:


ROFL you shot anyone Joe?!? :rofl:

black metal was funny.