John Wick: Chapter 3 - SUMMER 2019


The first one was awesome, the second one was more of the same but didn’t feel like a retread and was still worth a watch. I hope this one finishes strong.


The wait will be worth!

Can I get a legit good game set in John Wick’s universe please?


I saw the first movie with my fiancee in LIEMAX in a theater of 6 people. I knew going in that there was no inbetween in terms of quality for this movie (insanely awesome or extremely terrible). That was probably one of our best movie night’s because the hype was real. I was so glad there was a new IP coming out that was different from the several retreads of ideas and did it so extremely well.

This movie deserves to be in the 2019 Summer lineup. I just hope that the 3rd time out it goes out with a bang


Aw shit!!


Hopefully, they pick up where the last one left off… honestly don’t give a damn about the story but make sure that action violence stays stylized and sick. Hell open that shit up with another red shirt assassin montage like we had in the middle of the second movie just to set the scene.

But seriously let us not kill the dog again.


I don’t know if any one in that universe really wants to test the waters with the dog after the first movie.


Shit hope its better than the last one. They need to tie in the underworld in a bit closer to reality like the first movie. Felt it had a bit more realism about it, no random sumos just popping off in the middle of the street. Also the homeless need to stay outta sight as well, fuck pigeons.


if you havent figured out by now…8711 only grounds the action. the stories they create are on the fantastical side a bit. their like blade without the supernatural in terms of the feel.


I liked the first movie but haven’t seen the second one. Need to watch part 2 some time.


IMO the first one will be hard to beat. I don’t mind the action, but the world that was established in the first film doesn’t really need to be fleshed out. Seemed kind of forced in the second film. Either way, will still watch it.


That’s all well and good, but after that, can we get Atomic Blonde II: Now With More Cunnilingus?


Tv show focused on the Continental is happening

I don’t have Starz tho…:frowning:


This is where John takes on the entire world… 90% of which are assassins


One year…


Building up…


…a reminder.