Johnny Avatar Request

hello, I was wondering if someone could make me a AV with johnny doing a lvl 2 mist finer on something/someone. I want him to do a lvl 1 first and I want the object/person/whatever tech out when it goes up in the air. Then I want him to throw a coin at the object/person/whatever,do a lvl 2 mist finer and have the object/person/whatever hit the ground.

I would also like my name on it somewhere. ideas- he does it to a toaster and the first time he hits the toaster the toast flys out but techs back in the toaster, he throws a coin at the toaster and lvl2 MFs it and toast pops out and lands on the ground. plz do whatever you like and use any characters you want just be creative. if someone who does it has paypal I’ll shoot em a couple of bucks if I like it.

i’d so do this if i werent such a ggx noob
i didnt know what any of that is x.x i dont know anything about johnny and i dont know what ggx teching looks like

for mist finer watch vid [media=youtube]eSTpElLKPLw[/media]
2:20 in or 2:34 for a low.
when johnny does a mist finer (whips his sword out really fast and puts it back) it just hits but when he does it after a coin hits, the opponent pops up into the air and can’t tech out. for tech

watch this vid [media=youtube]-E60iZxFZgE&mode=related&search=[/media] at :18 sec in watch ky(in white) techs can go in any direction. axl (green) does it as well
:29 sec in.

some ideas. have johnny hit a crate or a barrell or whatever with his mist finer, and it shatters then my name pops up and lands on ground and he does his taunt. 2:32 in first vid. or have him in his taunt pose with my name somewhere, if you want something simple and not animated. Or have my name get hit by the mist finer and before it hits the ground have a coin hit it and then another mist finer then coin then mist finer over and over and over again, but the name is always able to be read.