Join in on "FGC Skandinavia", SSFV


Hej Guys & Gals, Since there is Virtually NO FGC in Denmark that I can find, I´ve decided to give shot at trying to start it myself. I´m looking for other Danish players and/or other Scandinavians, that would like to Join in on the fun in our region, with some of these goals in mind ;
I personally play SSFV on the PC and am trying to train up to B good enough to go to some tournaments, for example “Dreamhack” and EVO13. But I´ve come to realize that doing this alone without training partners is next to impossible ( and kinda boring ;))
Starting up “FGC Skandinavia” team; mostly focus on SSFV, mayB SFxT too, but lets see where that game is going… If U find this interesting, than please check out, it´s still under construction, but should B finished by next week…

P.s. I do see Irony in wanting to find Scandinavian players … in english, I thought it would make things alittle easier :slight_smile: