Join in support of helping a SF community friend Chris Hu

A lot of Chinese immigrants work off the books in Chinatown. Wouldn’t they have to report all that money they put in the bank some how?

I dunno whose pockets you’re talking about, definitely not mine. I’ll happily donate what I can though.

This is sad, hopefully he will find a way to regain what he lost, well part of it. =/

That’s very unfortunate for him. Hopefully everything turn out alright for him and his family at the end. :sad:

inkblot set up a PayPal fun on the front page of SRK. Let’s get it going people!!!

That’s very unfortunate, I really hope the best for him. I know he lost a lot but I hope he gets back on his feet soon.

I’m down for showing any sort of support.

Yo that’s terrible. Chris Hu of all people too. Damn…

I believe the IRS/Government only wants to know about deposits or withdrawls that exceed $8000 at a time.

There renter’s insurance, but like someone stated this is Chinatown we talking about.

Nope they file very minimal. Now before you get mad that they not really paying tax, most millionaire and billionaire have top tier accountants that have them paying less than what they should be anyways. I know plenty of corporations that pays about 10% tax, cause of loopholes and what not. Plus the people working under the table probably getting paid around 4-5 dollars per hours max anyways.

yikes… people put yo money in banks!

Real talk rap.

Also, hopefully everything works out okay for Hu.


I was waiting to see what the face looked like when they were playing her voice. LOL


That shit is fucked up. Did Hu live there, or just his grandparents?

Of course someone made a thread on 4chan and they are making fun of him.

I would hope everything goes okay for this guy.

Those of you who read the front of SRK, a Paypal donation fund has been set up over there.

SRK’s in whole. not mine, not yours…OURS

don’t keep your fucking money under your matress, for christ sakes


Donated $10

That really sucks. I wish you the best, Mr. Hu.

This is devastating news!! I don’t know what I would do if this was to happen to me, especially losing life savings!!

My pockets are deep, but only with air at the moment, broke as anything. If I should somehow win the lottery tomorrow, I’ll donate for sure!!

Wishing Hu all the best!!

Renaming and stickying the thread

help out as much as you can folks…