Join in support of helping a SF community friend Chris Hu

Donated, Hu is godlike.

Nice one whoever got it on Kotaku

Dam that’s some good shit right there

Sent some money his way. Not much, but I hope it helps.

Besides money what else can we donate? I have clothes. I have sneakers size 10 and shirts, hoodies, jackets size small. I live in NYC. PM if any helps.

Now see, this is real shit right here.

You have a lot of respect from me man.

i sent some cash his way. Good luck Chris.

five dollar is now truly so less

What did you expect from 4chan? :confused:

Let this be a lesson to everyone: don’t go to 4chan.

I donated some cash. I hope Chris can get back on his feet quickly.

“Sorry, your bank account can’t be used for this transaction.”

Damn… I really wish I could help, He has Gahd-rike commentary…

Srk lurker support

Donation sent.


This guy is entirely too smart and funny to be homeless. Already sent money.

This. Did my part last night. BEAST COAST!

I hope the best for Chris, and everyone that was in the building.

FADC should hold a charity event this weekend or the next for Chris and his family

My greatest sympathy for all whose being hurt in this tragic incident, although it is fortunate that everyone survived and I hope they will recover and find a home soon. I hope that all the losses would be regained back to them somehow.

Thanks for SRK community to organize this, its what makes this community great.

Donation sent.

SRK we da best

i hope chris hu can get through this
i wish him the best

SRK Members is always there for their members and commuters

I heard about this in the news last night, didn’t see Hu’s face though.

Not to sound like a jerk, but let’s be mature and serious about this.
So there are charities and donations to be made for starving people or Cancer research and stuff, do you guys donate to that? If not, then what makes Hu that much more important than cancer research or donating to starving people?
BE FUCKING MATURE and don’t give me BS, i’m actually curious to know why, I don’t have anything against Hu for any reason, I enjoy this guy’s commentary as everyone does.

Kotaku has an article about the fundraiser:

The members of this site are donating to Chris Hu because he is a part of THIS community. People are donating to Chris Hu because he is a part of the gaming community and arcade scene. Think of it this way: A man is dying from cancer, his family is most likely to donate to the American Cancer Society as oppose to the Haiti Relief Fund.