Join me on Capcom-Unity to get more buffs for Blanka

i know that some of you read the capcom-unity board. though, i haven’t seen any post of you guys over there. a few days ago i created a “buffs for blanka in 2012” thread on the capcom board. it’s pretty hard to fight a battle alone over there. so i come to you and ask for your support. some of you can give even more detailed reports then i can to capcom why blanka needs certain things. it’ll also show the readers there that blanka players will stand up for jimmy.

so please join me and speak your voice for jimmy in this thread

thanks :slight_smile:

capcom unity is laughable, and some of your posts over there have been cross posted here, please stop

well I know who he is, I just want him to bitch about the Dan vs. Blanka matchup.

yeah im just kidding…sorta

hes just really annoying to fight against, doesnt matter with who although I do think Blanka is one of Dan’s worst match ups not but gief thawk honda and guile are worse at least

Play a better character or level up.

Blanka is not strong, and it’s not like his good stuff even works on Dan. A lot of what Blanka wants to do vs. Dan doesn’t even work because of a combo of 4 frame uppercut, and goofy hitboxes.

San Diego Blanka players outside of Viscant are pretty weak, you pretty much have 0 excuses to lose to them.

I think dan is gonna be a surprisingly good char in 2012!

according to Ultra David… Blanka is bottom 2 character and Dan can hit Blanka with Ultra just by blocking c.HP!!! so… in Ultra David’s eyes… you’re just not good with Dan. Not to mention Dan supposedly taught Blanka, Blanka roll… so he should be fully capable of dealing with it!!!


I never said I was good…

Dan with goofy hitboxes?? Only on his stun and FA crumple, everything else is standard Shoto hurtbox
Blanka doesnt need anything good to win against Dan. Blanka should not be going in on Dan.(he can if he wants tho, doesnt really matter) He should be turtling and using footsies, then abusing his wake up game that Dan can only counter when he has U1 and even then very easy to beat.

And I’ve beaten Viscant’s Blanka. and DeeJay. That guy and like everyone else in SD is better than me, you dont give them anywhere near the cred they deserve.

I mean really, you cant sit there and call ShadyK, Genghis, Viscant, Chris King, etc. weak And we fight against Mike Ross and Marn all the time.

Ultra David says a lot of stuff. He has the best Theory Dan i’ve ever seen. In practice tho…IDK

Canon wise Dan should lose every match and Akuma should rape everyone with his eyes closed, but I dont care about that.

Besides Blanka Ball is best used as just movement tool, imo, because it can be punished too hard now.

Actually you are incorrect. A lot of ambiguous looking crossups Dan can block both ways. His hurtbox is nothing like Ken/Ryu’s/Evil Ryu’s(which are different from Akuma’s).

Blanka needs to play good footsies vs. Dan in AE, and it’s actually hard for Blanka to AA Dan from certain angles because of air danku making Dan freeze in the air for a bit. Dan can DP or simply block blanka’s wakeup shenanigans.

I said San Diego Blanka players, reading comprehension. As far as I know ShadyK plays [insert cheap character], Ghengis plays Rose and Dictator, Chris King plays Vega, and Viscant who I mentioned plays Blanka, Gief, and Deejay. Mike Ross messes around with Blanka sometimes, but his Blanka is not strong. Marn plays Viper, Yun, Dudley, Rufus. Notice how only Viscant is a Blanka player.

Well, my friend Lagade plays Akuma and told me that the Shoto unblockable works on Dan, and it seems to do so whenever he played me so I just took his word as hes a much better more knowledgeable player.

Not too hard at all for Blanka to play good footsies against Dan, especially a good Blanka. A lot of Blanka’s normals beat Dankuu too which is Dan’s main way of closing distance outside of and

Air Dankuu has HORRIBLE end lag, can be punished on whiff by anything almost and on block can be punished depending on spacing… Dan’s LK Dankuu might make him avoid Blanka’s AA but it wont net him a hit…

“just DP or block” goes for nearly any character with a solid fadcable uppercut, Blanka’s pressure is more than that.

Ok Ok sorry my bad on that part. We dont really have any other Blanka players anyway except this guy Jon-kun who beats me all the time. I just suck lol.

BTW have we met? or have you/do you live in SD? Seem to know quite a bit about us and me for some reason lol

You do understand that certain things are character specific right? Like just because something works for one character doesn’t mean that their hitboxes interactioins will be the same vs. every character. I’m talking about this specific matchup, and maybe if you knew these sort of things you wouldn’t be getting your ass kicked by Blanka.

Actually it kind of is, dan’s st.forward does really well vs. Blanka’s normals, and dankicks are kind of crappy, but they are great to do after a whiffed normal.

It can net a hit, it depends on where you are doing it from. Mr.Theory Fighter himself Ultra David has hit me with air danku over and he knows the ranges where I have to guess and don’t have ex upball stocked.

Blanka’s pressure is actually not that good. Hahah.

And yeah I beat Jonkun pretty free, so yeah. Either get better in general, or learn the matchup.

I’m friends with ANDSlayers/Joe.

My girlfriend goes to UCSD.

I got 17th at Winter Game Fest.

Viscant taught me a lot about playing Blanka.

I watch Box Arena streams.

Jonkun’s got some stuff, man. I wouldn’t have beat HZY at Evo without using his favorite ultra setup, true story.

Blanka vs. Dan is basically impossible for Dan when Blanka has a big enough lead. I’m grossly oversimplifying, but really the match comes down to just sitting there and poking to push him off poke range. This is one of like 3 matches where EX up ball actually does what it’s supposed to and acts like a true reversal. I’m sure Dan can fight back if he’s winning or if it’s even, but this is one of those matches where if Blanka lands the first combo, just move on to the next round.

–Jay Snyder

I’m not saying he’s bad, but I think he’s really linear/gimmicky. He was the only person to beat me in casuals when I went to WGF, so I know he’s not a bad player, but he’s not “scary” for lack of a better word. He has gimmicks out the wazoo though and it’s easy to get hit by them if you aren’t used to playing against him.

Yeah it’s hard for Dan, sorry if it sounds like I’m downplaying that, but Dan has options. It’s hard to overcome the life deficit for sure, but I don’t think it’s an impossible match or anything. It’s 6.5-3.5 in my opinion. If you don’t know the little quirks where Dan can get an advantage though you pretty much have 0 options and should just try to build meter if you are down in life.

i do know character specific things. Sorry i didnt take the time to know that some sort of combo or set up DOESNT work on my character. really doesnt matter if I knew that or not… does as well against blanka as it does against anyone else. Its a good poke, you have better ones.

Its a horrible tactic to rely on. Its a gimmick, all you have to do is block or walk backwards and make Dan whiff his knee then punish. And even if Dan hits you, wow he knocked you down, really really not that scary for charge characters (cept Bison maybe)

Jon-kun isnt bad, I know the matchup a decent amount, and Im not gonna argue against me being bad but I’m not the worst Dan in the world (just in SD)

Me and Joe are friends too.
Good shit @ all the rest

I didnt mean to play him down at all, really sorry if it came off that way.

Pretty much what I’m trying to say in much better terms. Its not unwinnable, just very much uphill.

It’s not a gimmick really, its a good read. I don’t want to block a jumpin from Dan and be in frame trap hell. Also I’m blanka I don’t want to be knocked down ever

Dude, Knee whiffs on crouching Blanka. He is not that scary for him.

And you have EX Upball which beats everything and can only be punished by U1.

Depends. It whiffs more often than not, but it’s possible for it not to whiff. The idea is that I’m not going to try to cr.block a jumpin anyways. I don’t really see it as a gimmick because it still works past the first time i’ve seen it.

The u1 punish is something that dissuades Blanka players from doing it.

man, i hate it when people hijack threads for nothing other then off-topic >:(

Imo, only the EX Upball should make knockdown, nothing to change on the start up or anything else, it’s fine like that but with a true reversal like that, it will change A LOT of things, Blanka will be not free on wake up with meter, i think Capcom know very well that and never do that, because why ? It’s broken, too much powered ? Or maybe, Blanka is designed to have a poor reversal game in SFIV ? I don’t know.

I agree a lot with that dude, watch his frame data damn :

Crouch MP = -5 on block, -2 on hit, Crouch HP = -10 on block, -4 on hit, Stand Far HP = -6 on block, -1 on hit etc…

OK, he has great pokes and nice hitbox, BUT it’s a shame to have so much negatives frames on our normals, it’s a true weakness when your opponent have a quick super or ultra, and we need more frames traps damn.

I agree but they think about the U1 start up 4 frames, and to not make that broken Imo, but yes, too much hard links for poor damage generally.

I agree, when i read for the first time this buff for the ryu’s u2, I thought the same thing lol.

Nice, you imagine : Jump forward HK, close MP xx Super lol, it will be very good lol.

I think, reduce the start up of the Ex backstep roll will be better, no ? 25 frames instead of 28 maybe.

They need to completely recreate this move in SFIV Imo, it’s a failure, really.
Why not an useful fast overhead for all characters in this game.

I disagree, elec’s hitbox is fine like that, but maybe improve damages.
LP = 150
MP = 180
HP = 200
Ex = 190

Blanka need that, his damage output sucks.

This don’t work on all characters actually ?

Lol, whatever, just learn the motion for U2, it’s not very hard.

I agree, i was really disappointed in SSFIV when i saw this ultra did so poor damages after a focus crumple, for no reason, why all others characters can do that and not him ?? Lol, weird.

A lot of good ideas dude, but i do not think they will listen to you unfortunately.