Join Team Bubz plz!

Not boobs, bubz. My shit.

If you want in, just say so, I’ve got the material ready (duh), I’ll just throw your name on there. Regular or prem, I GOTCHU. If you’ve got art to share I’ll use that too.


  1. No real bubz, sorry. Stay with the theme or go bother shatterstar.

  2. No traps. Go join Mizuki on Team BALLZ for that shit.

  3. You only get ONE avatar, aka one set of bubz. That’s it. Wear it for as long as you want, but this shit is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT so rep while you can and then bug me to do it again later.

  4. All bubz are random. I will not make an avatar of a requested ‘female’ unless you’ve got the art, otherwise you take what I give you bitch.

  5. If I don’t like the art you give me (aka droopy grandma shit like ArcadeFire) then I ain’t using it!

  6. I will NOT provide sources for any of the images. When this shit dies down (which could be whenever) then pester me for them.

So request mo’fuckahs!

<~~~ Example



sas -

shoo -

nothingxs -

asian demon -

the epidemic -

calcal -

monkeyspank -

evargnug -

valaris -

surewhyyoucan -

toodles -

elitericerocket -

sunn O))) -

Bowling Pin -

tajiri -

celcius -

kyo84 -

Fuuraiken -

Green -

The Granby -

Lick Me Off -

xYourMasterx -

6 with Cheese -

4play -

fjf314 -

if vanessa qualifies i want in

No, you don’t pick the bitch either son, you take what I give you.

I said I run this shit.


chun bubz are top tier

Somebody’s angry…:lol:

@ shoo:

Go fuck a horse.

@ Arcade:


Give me some pleasantly large bubz, chibi.

Regular, Sas for the name. Lemme see whatcha got! Indeed!

Coming right up oyg!

prem bubz chibi please

is it gonna say team b(.)(.)z any where?

Bubz Updated

@ shoo:


Images speak for themselves~

Wait until this shit spreads like TLK and SRK and Marvel heads start complaining about it.


hellz yeah, one piece swimming suits, thanks!

Oh lawd :rolleyes:


Many thanks Chibi! (Nice images too). Indeed! :tup:

Uhh…should I put your name in my sig or team ??? or…!?

Nah, you don’t have to do anything bro. No need to keep it for two weeks or whatever either, but just so you know, everyone only gets one ;P!

thnx chibi :tup:

I’ll keep my avatar just to spite you :stuck_out_tongue:

Sign my bubz-loving ass up. :lovin:

i want some bubz =]