Jojo bizarre adventure

cleaning out the closets update --> most everythings been sold.

but adding
–>jojo bizarre adventure:heritage for the future CPS3 NOCD version. battery changed mid 08. has all secret characters unlocked. copied artwork. $140 shipped in North America, paypal fees included(prefered payment method).

bump for update

for the 30X 30mm button hole covers. can those fit in mas sticks? If so, i would want 6 if u have them =]

I will take the black sanwa base/spring/actuator.

Got dibs on these…
**–>arcade stuffs
2 new happ competition, 12 black happ buttons, 1p/2p white happ buttons $20
Do these come with Cherry switches?

*sanwa JLW-TM-8 4/8 way square gate with red balltop/flat mounting plate $10
sanwa parts --> 4Xsanwa dust cover $1each *
Are these dust washer? What color?

lot of random used buttons 2Xpink seimitsu/4Xpink sanwa/1Xpink sanwa RG/2Xyellow seimitsu 24mm/4 random happs with cherry switch+(some random shells ill throw in) $10

Do the seimitsu/sanwas come with microswitch?

Are the button hole covers Sanwa/Seimitsu brand?

i dont have the min # of post to private msg people so please email for quotes -->

rcaido they do come with cherry switches. and the dust washers are black sanwa. and the jap buttons come with switches, email for a quote for all the stuff your down with and i can give you a final price with shippin

button covers were replacin seimitsu, but are compatible with both types of jap buttons

bump for stuff sold edit.

2 new happ competition, 12 black happ buttons, 1p/2p white happ buttons $20

Just to clarify, those happ buttons come with microswitches? Are the 2 happs competition stick the good ones or china knockoffs? How much shipping to 98506

yep cherry microswitches and there new comps directally from happ

pm sent

bump to get rid of as cheap shipped bulk deal, i want this outta my closet

bump for jojo bizzare adventure cps3 add