JoJo sprites

Anyone have some JBA sprites? Mostly Dio,Jojo,Hol Horse, or the dog. Move to another topic if needed

some aint available but i’ll keep searchin’.

i cant remember where i found the animated sprites but i did save some like a long time ago on my other PB account:

i’d prefer the sprite packs but that’s a bitch findin’ 'em sometimes…

I’ve been hunting for the Dreamcast ones for ages but have had no luck. The DC versions look heaps better and the stands have alot more color to them.

Here are some more PS ones:

Bitching.Now I just some of Dio and the World.

Can I bump dis and ask if anyone has any Midler and Mariah sprites? I think fighters generation may have some, but the sites down right now.Also how do I actually get the sprites from the mugen characters? I’ve never done something like that.

Basically get Fighter Factory first then some mugen JoJo bizzarre adventure characters of your choice, open up their SSF file and then their animations file.

Now you should be able to see their sprites and animations, next you just pick a animation to choose. Then press the convert to GIF button and BOOM, you got some JoJo’s sprites. If you wanna get them frame by frame I’m afraid you’ll need PS or Photo Impact for that.

P.M. in the future if you want some JoJo characters you can’t find at all.

damn that is nice thanks. I’d rep you if I could dawg.

repped, and good info.

also, i noticed that once you open the SSF file you can actually save all the frames as PCX which is a good thing since photoshop can read that format.

goes on his endless search for Dr. Doom’s SSF

yea that’s what I did. There’s a Dr.D mugen char out there, but nnt the MvC2 version. MSH style I think

Hey, I got Fighter Factory and a bunch of characters, but every time I try to open anything the program locks up. I’m using XP SP2.