Jojo's Bizarre Adventure [DC/PSX]

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure [DC/PSX] Thread


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Stardust Crusaders - The Volume/Series in which the Fighting Game is based on.

Discuss one of the greatest, and MOST slept on fighting games ever to come from Capcom.

Currently playing with about 15 others every week, preparing for a self hosted local tourney. Prize is Manga, of teh course.

I love this game and have just ordered the matching service release.
thanks for the flyers :slight_smile:

I don’t play it cause Chankast doesn’t emulate it correctly

wow… i tried this game the other night after dissing it so much cuz it looked retarded… it’s gotta be mad deep… no joke. ? Are you sure?

shadow: Didnt see it in the search, but thx charlie.

Dreamcast = $20.

MvC2, CvS2, 3S (not arcade perfect), JoJo’s Venture and JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure on 1 disc, Soul Calibur, SFA3 Upper, heaps of KoF games, Garou, and an arseload of shmups.

Seriously, get yourself a DC. It’s the best value console out there.

Of note: JoJo won’t play on a VGA box through a DC. One of probably 5 games ever that don’t work under DC VGA. Not that it matters, as it’s low-res 2D anyway. 3S doesn’t look any better under VGA than it does through 15KHz SCART.

[edit] CvS not SvC, cheers m1x4h :slight_smile:

It’s CvS2, not SvC2… but other than that, you’re 10000% right.

Third World here man, $20 there means $60 here nevertheless DC joystick sucks hard.

Have just downloaded other ISO, now it is at least playable:
I’ll try to find PSX version also. Is there so much diference between DC and PSX versions?

Remember when they tried to throw Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the Super Nintendo? Yea, like that. Major graphical differences. PSX suffers from heavy color and size loss in sprites. Its missing HELLA frames or animation. Slow as all hell. Its like claymation versus computer CG. Only get the PSX version if ynou wanna play with the exclusive characters on it, which I forgot the exact ones. Ad its a “Super Stoy Mode” thing on it. Nothing major.

Download just because. But dont invest time into. The DC version is far superior.

EDIT: And also, if you want the correct screen dimenions, iI believe its 384X224. Resize it manually after running it. I resize it against an already correct window, like this one for example

How pimped up must your pc be to run a decent ISO of this game?

Taken straight from the Help File/Manual:

“You’ll need a CPU supporting the Intel SSE Instructions (P3, P4 or an AMD XP CPU) with at least 1.6 Ghz.
Memory wise, you should at least have 256 MB of RAM in your system.
As for the OS, you’ll need Windows XP or 2003 (the emu will NOT work under Windows 9x or ME, 2000 may boot certain ISOs but we won’t go into detail on this now!) together with DirectX 9.0b and a graphic card supporting it either from Nvidia or ATI together with their latest drivers.”

Is the DC version, graphically arcade perfect?

I’m in Australia. I payed AU$80 (US$60) for mine. But who cares - the console is STILL better value for money than anything else I’ve ever bought thanks to the enormous amount of quality games available for it.

The DC joypads suck, but they’re cheap. Rip one apart and turn it into a stick. The original DC sticks are fine. Plenty of people use them for fighters and shmups without any complaints.

Seriously… all these people spending thousands on their PCs to use a DC emulator when a real DC costs less, and works perfectly???

Ummm… I didnt buy my pc to run the ISO. Hell, my PC is 3 years old, and DC emulation just came around this past year. Oh, and my PC, can do only like a gabillion more things than a DC can do. And hey, I also own a DC aswell! I win twice.

This thread makes me shed tears of joy.

I really don’t know if I should get into this again, but you make me REALLLLY want to.

love this game
been praying for rerelease on xbox live
fuck new games
there’s madd old 2d fighters i want on xbox live before it dies

don’t whine about how sucks this game is , it require good amount of skills just to do combos .

and jotaro is the beast , star finger wake up mix .



Ah, JoJo.
Link hell.