Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Don't Say Wrry Edition

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an epic manga spanning across generations that started in 1987. Each “part” of the story (there are currently 8), focuses on a new descendent of the Joestar family line.

Part 1
Phantom Blood: Volumes 1 to 5
Part 2
Battle Tendency: Volumes 5 to 12
Part 3
Stardust Crusaders: Volumes 12 to 28
Part 4
Diamond Is Unbreakable: Volumes 29 to 47
Part 5
Vento Aure Volumes: 47 to 63
Part 6
Stone Ocean Volumes: 64 to 80
Part 7
Steel Ball Run Volumes: 81 to 104
Part 8
JoJolion: Volumes 105 and ongoing

A Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is set for October, the studio, cast, and other details have been announced so far.
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has an OVA set in the 3rd arc with the second half of the arc being animated in the early 1990s and the first half in the early 2000s.
A movie based on the first arc (Phantom Blood) was shown in Japan, but Araki stopped it from having a home release.

Video Games:
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (PS1-DC-Arcade-PS3-360)
The Jojo game everyone knows of, a fighting game that covers the third arc.
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (SNES)
A RPG that loosly covers the third arc.
Le Bizzarre Avventure di GioGio: Vento Aureo (PS2)
A PS2 action game set in the 5th arc.
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood (PS2)
Another action game, but this one focusing on the first arc.
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (PC)
A fan made Japanese RPG Maker game for the PC that follows the third arc.
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle (PS3)
An upcoming “fighting game” by Cyberconnect2 that will have characters from arcs 1-7.

JBAcommunity - A great Jojo forum
The official site for the anime
Araki-Jojo - “Official” Jojo news
The Namco Bandai site for All-Star Battle
Jojo figures
Jojo statues

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So how bout them [details=Spoiler]evolved stands? [/details]

I really like Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency. Stardust Crusaders was ok. Diamond Unbreakable was ok but appreciable if you like filler-like stories. New stuff is meeeh…


Battle Tendency had the best training arc. “Hey we’re training… Oh by the way, our trainers are dead and here’s the final boss.”

Diamond is Unbreakable does have quite a few useless fights, I still enjoyed it more than 3 for whatever reason.

In Diamond is Unbreakable, I never understood why Grandpa Jojo uses his blood to find the invisible baby, why couldn’t just used the ripples in the water? Aww heck whatever…

Araki has forgotten about ripples, that or old Joesph couldn’t physically do that anymore.

In Stardust Crusader, how did Jojo become stronger than Dio? Dio absorbs Granpa Jojo’s blood, gets power boost, za warudo->steam roller, then suddenly… right kick gets parried then knee shatters? Eh?.. What? I guess Jojo figures out how “Toki wa tomare” then gets more powerful?

I think that Star Platinum and The World were supposed to have near equal strength. Jotaro ended up inflicting serious damage to Dio (what with the AM I SICK BECAUSE OF JOTOBORO) and slowly started learning how to use time stop. He does have true Joestar blood within him, where as Dio has stolen blood mixed with his own. Probably some destiny of the Joestar blood or some shit involved with it.

And Araki probably just wished it so and it happened. Jotaro is a main character of a shonen manga after all.

During the fight when Dio dropped the steamroller on him, he didn’t activate time stop until it was about to hit him. I think what happened was that he activated it near the end of Dio’s time stop, so Dio used up all his time for that moment while Jotaro had the remainder of his 5 seconds so he can go all out on him

What happens when a human uses the mask + ruby stone? Does it “super-push” his brain or something?

So I take we’ll be posting our reactions to each episode of the new series in this thread then? :tup:

Wouldn’t that just, technically, turn them into a vampire that can withstand light?

I have some questions about the anime.

  1. Is it new or a re- airing of the OVA
  2. Will it start from part one
  3. Have any trailers been released thus far becuase everyone only cares about the new game.


It’s brand new. The announcement had a countdown from Jojolion all the way to Part 1, which then went into an animated tidbit of Jonathan doing OVERDERIVUUU!.


Yes, talking about the anime, All-Stars, and new chapters will be a big focus of the thread.

It will be starting from part 1 and it is a brand new, and it will air in October, that is pretty much all we know. Head here to see the teaser and what the art style will be like.

Edit: On the 18th we are getting news such as the studio and the cast from Ultra Jump.

Because Jojo got pissed off. How dare you question his hot-blooded awesomeness?

Steel Ball Run is my favorite JJBA series, by the way.



He even says it himself towards the end.

Are there any new chapters coming out? I think it is 2 years deep in hiatus?

There is currently one going on. Jojolion, started in 2011.

JoJolion (Part 8) gets new chapters in Ultra Jump, so no it is active.