JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Media Thread

I am really getting into JBA lately, and I would like to see some match vids and combo vids for it. The only one I have is the Meikyo Combo Vid. Any reccomendations are appreciated.

Also, outside of graphics, how does the PS1 version compare to the DC version?

Also, is there anywhere online where this game can be bought? I want to pick this game up, even though it’s rare and all.

I’m pretty sure both versions are available on Amazon.

PS1 version has Super Story Mode, which is a game in itself, gameplay wise it’s the original JoJo BUT with lots of stuff added from Heritage for the Future, BUT again it’s the original JoJo so it’s missing stuff and also no scaling, then again IIRC this was introduced in HftF and the PS1 can’t handle that anyway. =x

DC version is more or less the CPS3 game.

For the JoJo fan, it’s worth getting both, dunno how they did the US PS1 version so I don’t know if SSM stayed intact in that port. :confused:

hugs his JPN PS1 and DC JoJos :tup:

How do I unlock Young Joseph in the US DC version? I beat both story mode and challenge mode with him and strill don’t have him. Does it have to be a certyain difficulty or something? Also, it’s gay that the DC version didn’t get super story mode (which I never beat because the racecar part always killed me.)

Oh, and Shadow Dio’s bookreading counter is so good.

Oh, and Black Polnareff sucks compared to the others I play (Jotaro, Chaca, Joseph, Advol, even Hol Horse if I keep away right.) But I love his style. Any good strats for him?

Vs a computer (for completion sake mainly), the best strategy is L,L, d+M,d+H while your stand is out. This almost always knocks down and if you time it right the machine never catches on.

Too bad noone here enjoys DC controllers. Losers.

I have a few Jojo videos… can try to find them and upload em to my server.

However… anyone have any videos from Jojo2 (arcade only)?

i have the team matches =/
i do want the meikyo combo video has the meikyo vid.

Can you link me to the team matches?

For the DC version -

For JoJo’s venture to unlock Young JoJo (Joseph Joestar) as a selectable character beat Arcade mode with Joseph(any settings).

For JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure beat challenge mode with Joseph to unlock Young JoJo(any settings).

After you do this on both scroll at the way to either the left or the right on the character select screen, he should show up. If he doesn’t something’s wrong with your disc 'cuz that’s how I did it.

i dont think they are up anymore, eidrian had them i belive

;_; Do you have them on your hard drive? If so, you can hit me up on AIM. Screen name is m121jedi. I could send you Meikyo if you didn’t get it yet.